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Nebraska - Wisconsin Post: Mike Riley

Nebraska head coach Mike Riley talked with reporters after the Huskers' overtime loss on Saturday to Wisconsin.

Opening Statement: 

"It sure is disappointing to lose. It looked for a while like a pretty typical game of ours, we came back and scored some points in the fourth quarter and we kicked the field goal to tie it, which ended it up in overtime and it sure would have been nice to score right then. And then when they missed the extra point there in overtime, I thought 'okay, this is it.' But, it was not to be. So, it's really, really disappointing to lose it. I will say that everything that I know about our team is confirmed, which is that they'll continue to fight. We certainly got to improve some things to finish out where we want to, there's no doubt about it, but as far as what we have to work with, it's all good. We'll see about the injuries, of course you know we lost Tanner Farmer pretty early on, and [Jordan Westercamp] sprained his ankle a little bit, Devine [Ozigbo] did and Terrell Newby did too—sprained his ankle—so we'll see about those guys, I think they all kept playing."

On if he thought there was pass interference on the third down play of OT: 
"It looked like it, to me. I don't know, I didn't have the greatest vantage point, so I don't really know that it's necessary for me to comment any further, but it looked like something was going on over there where he was impeded but I couldn't see it really."  
On the final play of the game: 
"It wasn't ideal, but it had a shot. In a hole, their guy made a pretty good play on it, but we had a shot at it."
On the play of QB Tommy Armstrong Jr.: 
"I thought Tommy fought like crazy. You know, I think especially in a tight, close-to-the-vest game like this, everybody will evaluate very, very closely the reads that he had to make, both in throwing the ball and running the run-pass stuff, but Tommy played like Tommy. Competed like crazy, made some plays when it looked like we were kind of down and out, and he competed and brought us back into it so that's really about how I summarized his night."
On Nebraska's running game: 
"It was going to be hard, we knew that. I think that we might have had a chance to make it better than it was, and I thought we hit some nice runs, but it was tough sledding and it wasn't as consistent as you need to be probably to score more points than that to win the game. There was still some pretty good stuff there and like I said, in some of our read stuff, we'll probably look at it and find that we can do it a little bit better."
On the play-calling following Nebraska's final interception: 
"That was really a disappointing series, there's no doubt about it, it felt like such a big opportunity for our team and then to get nothing there was pretty scary as to the outcome of the game, I mean that's what it felt like. Will we evaluate what we had and what we called, yeah those are the hard ones in a game like this, probably you go over and over that way."
On what he said to the team in the locker room following the game: 
"Well I talked about the fact that their team was to be congratulated. We appreciate, all of us in the room in the room in there, appreciate how each other competed and played and fought. We're going to go back home and start practicing and get ready to play a better game next week, get ready to win next week. So, those were the three things basically that I mentioned."
On what the game confirmed to him: 
"Well, I thought that once again we really kept our poise when we were down in the fourth quarter. I thought that that did not deter us from getting back into it, you know we didn't get the final result that we have been getting, but we sure got to the point where we could have. That is so much fun to be a part of a group like that, they don't blink, they have poise, they persevered and we gave ourselves a chance to win against a good football team and just didn't quite get it done."
On the play of S Nathan Gerry:
"Man, I think he's really been playing a lot of good football lately. Nathan is a good, physical football player that has a lot of good football awareness and that's where you get in those positions to intercept those balls like that."
On the defensive performance in OT: 
"I kind of was, and I'm not, there's a wear-down factor here. What you find is some of the plays early, you're right on the right edge of the blocker, right in the position in your gap and then I think that we got out-positioned just enough in some of those runs at the end that hurt us, and that was the difference-maker."


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