Tuesday Practice Report

Nebraska practiced again amidst heat, though somewhat less than yesterday's scorcher. A practice that marks the third to last practice before Nebraska hosts Oklahoma State. Following a thorough press conference earlier in the day though, what news came from practice was, well, practice itself

Nebraska practiced in half-pads today, a day that brings NU one step closer to a season-opener more anticipated than any in recent memory. And with the depth chart all but revealed, players are now settling into their roles on the team.

The status of all players isn't yet known though as the vital role of kickoffs has yet to be determined.

Replacing Josh Brown has apparently proven itself to be a harder task than had been hoped, there being no less than five players vying for the position of trying to belt the ball into the end-zone every opportunity. Solich wouldn't state as to how many or exactly who, but knew what he was looking for in the candidate that would ultimately be chosen. "It's a handful or so." Solich stated of the number of players being tried out for the job. "We would like to have a guy that could when called upon unless the wind is stiff, be able to not allow a return. There's so many great return guys in the conference and around the country, that we don't want to give them too many opportunities."

"The guy that can kick it high and deep is really what you look for."

The actual choice of who will be that guy may not be determined until the day before the Oklahoma State game.

As Nebraska gets ready to wind down the week, the injury issue is always upon us, rearing it's ugly head. DT, Jason Lohr and FB, DeAntae Grixby continue to be hampered by injuries, this literally being a theme to their careers as each has been frustrated over their tenure at Nebraska with one after another. Coach Solich said earlier today though that in regards to health, this team is about as healthy as can be. "We're about as healthy as you can get." Solich stated. "Of course, with Ryan Schuler early on, Jason Lohr has not been able to make the comeback yet, DeAntae Grixby had the ankle injury that has taken him out of this first ball game, but other than that, there's noone that is ruled out."

Nebraska will go in shorts tomorrow, helmets only and Solich stated that there will be a continuing effort on special teams.

Players that are not going to participate in this weekend's game will be Jason Lohr and DeAntae Grixby and Wali Muhammad remains a question mark, Muhammad nursing a slight back-strain.

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