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5 Questions: Nebraska vs Ohio State

We ask football staff writer Tim Moody five questions regarding Ohio State.

1.) Nebraska comes in ranked inside the top 10, yet find themselves an underdog by more than two scores. What is the general mood around Columbus right now when it comes to this opponent?

"A lot of people in Columbus have been pretty down on Ohio State in the past four weeks – specifically the offense. That has definitely led to some low expectations, at least lower than normal, but I think most Ohio State fans are still pretty excited for this game."

2.) Depth wise these two teams don’t match up, but give us an area where you think Nebraska might have an advantage?

"Nebraska's pass defense is really good and Ohio State's pass offense is not quite up to its normal lofty standards. If the Buckeyes are forced to throw the ball I could definitely see the Cornhuskers come up with one or two huge turnovers."

3.) Give us a player that isn’t exactly a household name to watch for this weekend?

"Wide receiver K.J. Hill has fought through some injury issues this year, but he's come up with two of the most explosive plays for the Buckeyes so far. He's healthy, and with the receivers struggling he could be set for a big role against Nebraska. He's got a ton of talent, so this could be a breakout situation for him."

4.) Ohio State has been a program head and shoulders over most of the competition through the years. The last three games have all been one score contests. How do you think the team overall is handling the pressure of another perceived big game this week?

"I think the team is handling the pressure well, but that doesn't change the fact that they are young and lacking in experience at a few key positions. In general, though, the fans seem to be much more worried than the players or coaches."

5.) Your biggest key to the game and score prediction?

"I think turnovers could make or break this game one way or the other. If Ohio State forces some, it could be a blowout. If Nebraska forces turnovers, it will be close, and I lean toward the latter. 28-24 Ohio State"

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