Nebraska Soph. OL Jerald Foster Could Be Returning In 2016

Nebraska guard Jerald Foster (ankle) could be returning in 2016.

After injuring his ankle in mid-August, Nebraska sophomore guard Jerald Foster has been cleared to run and could be back before the end of the season, according to head coach Mike Riley. Foster was a projected starter coming into the season. 

"I do not anticipate him being ready for this next game, but I am hopeful for Jerald’s sake that he could possibly get back in the mix and be able to play," said Riley. "He is already redshirted, so this would be a lost year so it wouldn’t be like we would be burning a year if he was able to play at all in this season with these three regular-season games that are left in front of us."

Many believed Foster would not play in 2016. 

"I was actually surprised by what trainer telling me about that," said Riley. "I’m not going to count on that at all. If they give him to me, I know that he’s healthy, and that he’s been cleared to play and then he’s strong enough to play. Now playing is a different deal, preparation for playing, all the stuff that he has missed: playing in the games, all the fall camp that he missed. We want to make sure that he, if he ever does play for us this year, that he’s confident in not only how he can do stuff but what he’s doing. Because we want to make him feel real good when he does play.” 

Getting a healthy Foster back could be a big boost for an offensive line struggling with injuries. On Saturday against Ohio State, Nebraska started three players who either are or started their career as walk-ons. 

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