Thursday Practice Report

Nebraska hit the practice field for the last time yesterday. It's the final run-thru as they have a walk-thru Friday, followed by the Oklahoma State game at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday. Today's practice was special. Well, special in that it was primarily that special teams got the work.

"We went through every phase of special teams imaginable." Frank Solich said of today's practice. "Plus, we got a lot of reps in on what we are trying to do offensively and defensively, so for what we wanted, the practice served it's purpose."

Part of the emphasis on special teams is based on the fact that one of the keys in it's success last year is gone. It's been an on-going process trying to replace Josh Brown, a process that to this point hasn't ended up with a clear-cut decision on who will be doing the kickoffs. "It will really depend on wind." Coach said of his criteria for choosing the person for kickoffs. "We'll see what the wind is like during the start of the game and that will determine what we are doing."

The candidates (David Dyches, Sandro DeAngelis and Dale Endorf) are all perceived to be still eligible for the position, but Solich stated that they were looking for the best candidate who could kick the ball both high and deep. Amongst those contending, Solich said of Dyches that he had probably the best overall leg. "David Dyches and Sandro probably showed that their legs are the strongest." he said. "Sandro's hang-time is probably not as much as David's."

DeAngelis is slated to be the starter for field goals and extra points.

Nebraska will go thru their walk-thru tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. while Oklahoma State will be conducting their closed walk-thru at 2 p.m.

Other News:

  • Kyle Larson was named to the Ray Guy award watch list, the award given annually to the best punter in the country. "It's a well-deserved honor that he is on that list." Frank Solich said. "I thought he had a great season last year. Not everybody that's a great kicker can place the ball as well as he can."

  • RE, Wali Muhammad was ruled out of the season-opener with a back ailment. He joins Jason Lohr and DeAntae Grixby as those who won't be competing against the Cowboys.

  • The University of Nebraska honored their 3 Heisman trophy winners Thursday as they dedicated a new area located inside  the entrance to the West Stadium. All 3 award recipients were on hand for the dedication.


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