Roundtable: Nebraska prospect wist list

Who are the top guys on the Nebraska on Scout staff wish list?

The dead period starts in exactly seven days, meaning Nebraska will have a busy week on the recruiting trail with many prospects looking to make a decision in the next couple of weeks. 

Nebraska on Scout publisher Josh Harvey, staff writer Ashley Guinan and message board recruiting guru Stetson Fuller (JackD07) list their top guy on the wish list with one little caveat.

Other than Joseph Lewis, Darnay Holmes and Foster Sarrell, who are all the No. 1 player in the nation at their position, name the player on top of your Nebraska wish list that is being actively recruited?

JOSH: “I think Augustus Hawkins (Cali.) four-star athlete has to be No. 1 on the list. I like guys with versatility and Johnson has the ability to play multiple spots at the next level, both as a defensive back and as a running back.

If this is a true wish list, I have to go then to Aledo (Texas) four-star prospect Chuck Filiaga at offensive tackle. The OT spot has been tough for Nebraska to recruit to over the years and depth is needed. Do I think they land Filaga – no. I’m not even convinced he visits with him being an early enrollee. 

If I’m going with a wish list and a realistic prospect, I’m going to say Bishop Dunne (Texas) defensive tackle Damion Daniels. You can never have enough players in the trenches and Daniels is a guy who I see being a run plugger in the Big Ten.”

JACK: “Besides Sarell, Holmes, Carr and Lewis, the guys at the top of my board for the remaining 2017 spots would be Greg Johnson, Isaac Slade Matautia and Lynn Bowden.  I love Johnson's natural ability to play multiple positions, he could be the class running back or the field side lock down corner.  Matautia is an excellent hybrid style linebacker than can stay on the field in nickel with his pass coverage abilities, but big enough at 220-pound to play WILL in base defense.  Finally there is Bowden, this one is a bit of a long shot but his ability as a wide receiver is certainly worthy of his lofty ranking.  There are moments on his highlight reel where he will separate himself by 5-8 yards in a matter of steps from his pursuers.  Would love to be able to get him away from Kentucky.”

ASHLEY: “I’m just going to list my top ten list…

1. Chuck Filiaga- assuming the Huskers don't land Sarell, another quality OT is the biggest need in this class. 

2. Damion Daniels- DT is also a huge need

3. Alaric Williams- the RB the Huskers seem to be most actively pursuing. A great running back is needed. 

4. Trajon Cotton- finishing up the "needs" category is a great DB.

5. Lynn Bowden

6. Isaac Slade-Matautia

7. Gavin Holmes

8. Jaquan Henderson

9. Greg Johnson

10. Jamire Calvin

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