Roundtable: Who Nebraska might not land

Who is a prospect it looks like Nebraska might land, but probably won't?

The dead period starts in exactly seven days, meaning Nebraska will have a busy week on the recruiting trail with many prospects looking to make a decision in the next couple of weeks. 

Nebraska on Scout publisher Josh Harvey, staff writer Ashley Guinan and message board recruiting guru Stetson Fuller (JackD07) list a prospect who Nebraska fans think they will land, but ultimately end up elsewhere. 

Name a player you don’t think Nebraska is going to get, that might be a surprise to some?

JOSH:  "With the new hire of Donte' Williams, you have to wonder if Nebraska puts a few prospects so high on their board others will have to wait before putting the trigger. A name I will throw out their to watch is Nebraska commit Deontre Thomas. The three-star prospect visited Oklahoma over the weekend on an unofficial visit and if the home state school offers, you have to wonder if he jumps at it."

JACK: “A player I think everyone is banking on being a Husker that doesn't sign with Nebraska would be Quran Hafiz.  I think two weeks ago that he was likely going to be a Husker but with the new hire and the current talent in the younger group that the staff may roll the dice and swing for the fences with a couple higher rated prospects.”

ASHLEY: “There are two guys here. The most likely is Rahyme Johnson. He's been on the radar for a long time, but it appears the Huskers aren't pursuing him anymore. Fans who follow recruiting closely won't be surprised here. The other guy the staff has spent a long time on that fans might expect to commit but won't is Jamire Calvin. I still think there is a chance here but it might not happen.”

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