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Roundtable: Nebraska class success?

The Nebraska on Scout recruiting team answers the question - what will make recruiting class a success?

The dead period starts in exactly three days, meaning the next few days could be a very busy when it comes to the Nebraska recruiting trail.

Nebraska on Scout publisher Josh Harvey, staff writer Ashley Guinan and message board recruiting guru Stetson Fuller (JackD07) answer the following question.

What will need to happen to consider this class a success?

JOSH: “The Huskers currently sit inside the top 25. I think looking at the prospects on the board; they will finish inside the top 20. But for me, they need another offensive tackle to help with depth and to land a Top 100 prospect. Since joining the Big Ten, Nebraska has landed only one – John Raridon. It is guys in the Top 100 that are program changers. I think Nebraska has the potential to land four or five in this class.”

JACK: “In order for this class to be a success I think the bar is relatively easy to achieve:  Close on the recruits you are currently leading with and add one or two guys that are Scout300 players.  If Nebraska gets Damion Daniels, Joseph Lewis, Greg Johnson, and Isaac Slade-Mautautia then adds a Bowden, Blades, or Henderson than I think they will find themselves safely in the top 15 and full speed ahead into 2018”

ASHLEY: “The Huskers need to land quality guys for their big needs. This includes offensive tackle, defensive tackle, defensive back and wide receiver.  A good running back is also needed, but rankings don't always tell the full story there in my opinion. If they find another underrated running back like Devine Ozigbo, I won't be disappointed.”

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