Gallimore visits NU: "It really opened my eyes."

Brett Gallimore has almost epitomized the definition of peripatetic. If Gallimore was getting credit for miles traveled this off-season as he visited one school after another, he could probably take his next five trips for free. Well, he'll get those anyway as his officials are yet to come, but he just finished an unofficial to Nebraska to see the Huskers play the 24th ranked Cowboys of Oklahoma State. It was a game that Brett stated, "really opened my eyes".

Brett Gallimore has enjoyed an off-season that has seen his stock rise almost at a meteoric-rate. While Brett was already touted and coveted at the end of this season last year, you can now number him amongst the elite in all of high school football.

Standing at 6'5", weighing in around 295 lbs. and running a reported 5.2, Gallimore is physically close to college-level already. Heck, Gallimore had almost 30 offers even before June had finished up.

Where he goes, what he is thinking and of course, where he is leaning (if anywhere) is indeed hot news to any team that finds themselves on his list of favorites.

A team that found themselves on his list was Nebraska, but early on, it wasn't a heavy interest at all. In fact, it was Nebraska, they had a great line tradition and that's about all Brett new.

Coming off his visit to Nebraska as they played Oklahoma State this last weekend, he knows a lot more now. "It kind of caught me off guard." Brett said. "I didn't expect it to be like it was."

That's a good thing actually as Brett's expectations weren't necessarily low, but he was continually surprised by his experience at NU. "The fans were loud." Gallimore stated. "I don't think I've ever been to a stadium that loud."

The noise, the dominate red that was all the eye could see, many were the things Gallimore took from the visit, but what he felt was the most important was the fact that a team that he really knew nothing about was finally familiar to him to an extent and now, things are a little different than they were, at least recruiting-wise. "It's definitely looking a little bit different now." Brett said of his picture on the teams he likes. "After the game, I drove around the campus and the town and it was pretty nice."

"Nebraska's really got my eye now."

I would think that the Huskers and their faithful would beam with pride at the thought of luring another one of the national elite into looking a bit harder at the Big Red. While there is good reason for Husker fans to have some optimism, the reality of Gallimore's recruiting journey does come into play.

To put it simply, name the "powerhouse" team in the country and chances are, they've offered Brett and he's still got all his official visits to go.

Official visits that he says will probably take place at Florida State next week, possibly Ohio State after that and if he hasn't made a decision by then, well, that's up in the air. Up in the air along with his current number of favorites, his current list sitting at 10. From the looks of it though, Brett could make his decision shortly after the last of the two aforementioned official visits, well that is in Brett's words, "if it feels right".

Nebraska opened a lot of eyes this last weekend. And though you might think that it would be mostly to defensive players, some offensive players didn't find the game too shabby either. Brett Gallimore sure didn't as he thought equally well of his entire visit to NU.

How much that visit stays with him will be a big question of course as the ‘Noles and Buckeyes will be stiff competition for sure.

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