Day 3: Nebraska practice recap and gallery

Nebraska practiced for the third time in Nashville on Wednesday afternoon, with only one practice left before their matchup with Tennessee.


Nashville, Tenn. – The Nebraska football team practiced for 90 minutes in half pads at Vanderbilt University on Wednesday afternoon in preparation for Friday’s Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl against Tennessee. The Huskers practiced for a third consecutive day and will hold their final practice on Thursday afternoon.

Offensive Coordinator Danny Langsdorf spoke with the media following the workout, and discussed the progress that senior quarterback Ryker Fyfe has made entering the final game of the season.

“(Ryker) had a ton of work this last month,” Langsdorf said. “He had a lot of work before Maryland, and being the backup all year, he’s gotten good time, but having him take the No. 1 reps for a month has been really good for him. He’s ready to go. He looks like he’s playing probably his best football.”

Langsdorf added that the Huskers’ game plan is similar to what it would’ve been if Fyfe wasn’t projected to start.

“The plan hasn’t really changed a ton,” Langsdorf said. “We’re running our stuff with him in there. He’s smart. He’s had a lot of work. With the extra time, he got some reps on stuff he may not have done during the season. We’re not holding anything back for him.”

Langsdorf also mentioned how impressed he is by Tennessee’s defensive line and how the Huskers are preparing to face it. He has also been pleased with NU’s preparation for the bowl game.

“I think our guys have been enthusiastic in practice,” Langsdorf said. “There’s a lot of stuff going on, so you have to make sure when you are practicing, you get their attention and their best work. I think our guys have enjoyed the bowl and have had a good time with the events. They’ve stayed focused and had a good week of practice.”

Langsdorf also took a moment to reflect on the careers of seniors Tommy Armstrong Jr. and Jordan Westerkamp.

“It’s hard for those veteran guys who have to learn a new system,” Langsdorf said. “They don’t have the advantage of a redshirt year. They have to be engaged right off the bat and learn quickly because you are throwing them into a new system. Those two did a nice job in the transition and embracing the change and working on how they can improve their own game but also within the system they are playing.”


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