Wheeler's Thoughts: Bob Diaco presser

Nebraska on Scout intern Mike Wheeler has some thoughts from the Bob Diaco intro presser.

Five observations from Nebraska on Scout intern Mike Wheeler from Nebraska's introductory press conference of new defensive coordinator Bob Diaco. 

1.) Coach Diaco is young and energetic. He has a strong fire lit underneath him and I think you're going to see that translate onto the field through his players. For anyone who had a coach like that when you were younger you know how fun that is to play for a guy like that.

2.) The energy will translate into the recruiting world. Players will love the idea of playing for a guy like Diaco. I think this defensive coaching staff was set up very strategically from that standpoint. Young energetic guys (i.e. Diaco, Bray, Williams) and also having a former NFL player (Parella) doesn't hurt.

3.) On the Banker situation, Riley knows he has the right to be mad and you could really tell he didn't want it to go down that way. Like he mentioned, they had a timeline and it just didn't match up.

4.) Bringing in the 3-4 defense will help out a lot. This really opens the door for those kind of in-betweeners to find a good place in the defense. A lot of good linebackers bringing a little more speed to the edge could pay off dividends.

5.) Blackshirts will live. I've heard him talk a lot about the Blackshirt defense and I think he knows how important it is. Don't expect to see any changes from before.

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