Bishop Dunne DT Damion Daniels' 2016 Senior Higlhights

Dallas (Texas) Bishop Dunne defensive tackle Damion Daniels' 2016 senior highlights.

2016: Daniels finished his senior season with 78 tackles, 26 tackles for loss, nine sacks, three forced fumbles, and one punt block. national recruiting analyst Greg Powers' thoughts: "For a kid that's well over 300 pounds, he gets off the ball very quickly, he's very disruptive, and he can create a lot of havoc," Powers said. "And that's whether or not he's trying to sit in a gap just to plug it, or because of his quickness. He's able to get a little pressure into the backfield you don't usually see guys his size being able to do...He's very strong in the lower body," Powers said. "He's already got the requisite size to be a difference-maker with mass, now he needs to get to the strength-and-conditioning program and probably trim up a little bit."

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