Still Climbing; Ja'Kouri Williams

With the way he's climbed the charts as one of the top running backs in the country without taking a snap, one can only imagine what Ja'Kouri Williams can do as an encore. He's ready to give it his best shot though and like many in the southern regions of the country, their opportunities to show even more starts this Friday.

A game this weekend on the horizon, Williams would like to think of only one thing. That's not happening as you might expect because the schools now being able to call (that was effective Monday) are trying to draw his attention towards them.

Williams hasn't taken a single snap all off-season and his popularity has risen at bullet-like pace, Ja'Kouri fielding offers from some of the biggest names in college football. Florida State, Nebraska, Auburn, Michigan, Tennessee and many others have extended written offers to the Louisiana tailback.

The question for Williams right now though is not if he wants to take officials during the season, but if his coach will let him. "That's really what it's going to come down to." Williams said. "I wouldn't mind, but we'll see what happens."

The schools that Ja'Kouri said that he hasn't set up officials with, but knows he will be visiting there are Nebraska, Florida State and Tennessee. "Those are for sure right now, but I might have to take them after the season." Williams stated.

As for those calls, Williams stated that every school that has offered him has called since Monday, except for Texas A&M.

This weekend, Ja'Kouri's team faces Central and a potent passing attack as their season-opener.

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