SirDarean Adams; Oh, those phone calls

One of the more touted safety prospects out of Florida, you wouldn't be surprised however to find that much of his attention isn't coming just for that position. In fact, you can just about name it and someone is calling him on it. And, now that contact is allowed starting this last Monday, That's a lot of calls.

"I don't know how many calls, but it's been a lot." stated SirDarean Adams. Not surprising as he has offers from some of the biggest names in the country.

Darned thing is, from one school to the next, you have to ask before you know for certain what position they want SirDarean to play. The Insiders has him listed as a safety and point of fact, most of his offers are for that position, but he's been offered as a running back as well (Nebraska) and has even drawn looks for LB and QB to.

The versatility factor is high, thus his options many. Yeah, thus the barrage of phone calls.

It's not that bad though as Adams is focused so much on his up-coming season and game coming up this Friday with DeSoto, that he isn't thinking too much about it. With that being said, SirDarean said that sometime during the year, he would like to get to a game or two for some of his official visits, schedule permitting of course.

Of those coveted officials, there's only two schools that he's got it set in his mind to visit, no matter when. "Nebraska and Ohio State." he said. "I'm going to visit the Florida schools, but I probably won't take officials there."

The last time we talked, Nebraska had an edge, albeit a slight one as SirDarean wanted to consider himself open regardless of his friendship with NU's starting CB, Fabian Washington. Adams stands on that, but back-tracked a little saying that he wanted everyone on an even field right now. "I just want to keep it open right now." he said. "I have a whole season to go and it doesn't make any sense to pick a leader if I'm not going to commit anywhere."

"So, everyone is even with me."

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