Contact has begun; RB, Darius Walker

8,9,10...........ok, 11,12, 13........whew.....14,15, ok, that's enough. You want that many phone calls in a day? Ok, maybe you do, but I would be willing to be that sometimes, it's just too much. Of course though, it's all good and the more calls you get, the better off you will be in regards to having choices for the college you attend. Well, the calls keep on adding up for Darius Walker and chances are, that's going to be another theme for his swan song at the prep level.

20 calls and counting. That's what Darius has gotten in the last 3 days. 20 different teams, all with 20 different slogans, all 20 of them trying to do the exact same thing. Get Walker to go to their school or at the very least, come for a visit.

Some recruits right about now would be shuffling around, looking as hard and fast as they could, wanting to make a decision, if only to get the calls to stop. Not Darius. "You can't rush a life-decision like that." he said. "Your final decision lasts you for years and that's a big part of your life."

There's also that small thing about his final season of high school ball as well. Come this Friday, the season will be officially underway and that's what Darius is smiling about the most. "I can't wait to get out there." he said. "It always takes too long before the season starts again."

You would be eager to if you just came off of rushing for almost 2, 000 yards, scoring close to 30 touchdowns and your team just won the state title. That doesn't give you any place to go but down, right? "You should always try to get better, but where we are at right now, that's when you want to stay the same." Darius said. "Just going for another state title."

Only a super star would use the word "just" in the same sentence with state title, but hey, some are just that good.

Good enough that Darius doesn't have the one worry which drives some recruits to commit early and that is of course, losing a spot on the roster. Granted, they all aren't going to wait around, but Walker knows that if he waits it out, the right school will be there waiting for him in return. "I can't rush something like this and it's not good to make decisions based on pressure." he said. "I'm just going to look around, take my visits and after that, figure it all out then."

Walker's top ten list is a who's who of college football teams, Notre Dame, Florida, Michigan, Ohio State, Stanford, USC and Nebraska just to name 7. And chances are, Darius might not even have his official visits squared away until towards or at the end of his year. "There's no reason to hurry now, so I'm not." he said.

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