Nebraska HC Tim Miles talks to media after 93-57

After a 93-57 blowout loss to Michigan at home, Nebraska head coach Tim Miles talked with the media about his team's confidence level.

Opening Statement:
“Well I want to credit Michigan, obviously.  I thought they were terrific, I think they ran their stuff, and obviously the way they came out and set the tone, making what felt like every shot in sight.  I think you also have to look at how Derrick Walton Jr. is excellent.  I just voted him first-team all-league today before the game, and then had complete regret for putting karma on ourselves after that because he what got 18 (points) and 16 (assists) and was amazing.  I think you have to credit Michigan; they were so good.  Lastly, that is absolutely not the team we envisioned.  I think our guys, we talked about it after last game, having a crisis of confidence, but this is beyond that.  There is a defeatism almost, and some of the guys have talked about it.  As soon as the first thing goes wrong, we expect the worst to happen.  That’s is not competitive.  That’s not a competitive mindset.  That’s really gotta be our job and our MO here, between now and the Big Ten tournament.  We have to be mentally stronger.  We can’t allow those fears, worries, doubts, or whatever to creep in.  It looks to me like it is a team walking around ready to get hit by lightning.  That can’t be us.”

On why different methods to fix problems within the team have been unsuccessful:

“They haven’t tried hard enough.  That’s all I have to say.  They have not tried hard enough.  Because what was out there was not a team that was competitive and trying hard enough.  They need to keep working on it.  Just go back to the drawing board, and we’re all going to meet, and we’re all going to figure it out. I’m going to start texting guys tonight, and we’re going to meet tomorrow, and we’re going to figure this out.  Part of it is you gotta put your big-boy pants on.  It’s a big-boy league.”

On Tai Webster’s career: 
“One thing I don’t people realize about Tai is how many hours he spent trying to get better.  I remember right away it was with Terran Petteway and he and Terran would be in the gym, and Tai wouldn’t go home.  It would be time for everyone to go home, and Tai didn’t go home.  He would just stay and worked out with Terran all the time, and working on his game and working on his game.  Untold hours, right, there’s no 40-hour work week for those guys.  Tai internalizes so much, and I think probably puts too much blame on himself way too often.  Tai cares.  He cares about Nebraska basketball, and he cares about success.  I don’t think there’s anybody hurting more than Tai about these results.  He doesn’t even want to talk about it.   At the same time, this is a man that’s invested and put in a lot of time into trying to be the best most complete player and get our team.  That’s what’s disappointing about the end, is that we weren’t able to honor our senior the way that hopefully we could have.  But that’s the regular season, we’ve still got the tournament to look forward to, and hopefully we can get something positive going there.”

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