Nebraska quarterbacks Tanner Lee and Patrick O'Brien speak to the media

Nebraska quarterbacks Tanner Lee and Patrick O'Brien were made available to the media on Thursday.

Nebraska quarterbacks Tanner lee and Patrick O'Brien are vying the starting job in Lincoln and after three spring practices nothing has been decided. 

"I'm pretty blunt and honest with them about where they're at," Nebraska offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf said. "I grade them on every play, and I give the grade sheets to everybody in the quarterback group. Everybody sees the comments, and the grades, and the good and bad. They trade daily who takes the one's and who takes the two's. We're real open with it. We haven't announced a starter. We're repping it like we haven't announced a starter, and we're evened up. It's one of those where every day you might think about a guy a little differently at practice. I thought Tanner [Lee] had an edge the other day. I thought Patrick [O’Brien] played well today. We have to take a good, hard look at it. We have a lot of time before we have to make a decision. I'm hoping one of them will rise up and break away. Every play is graded. It's good feedback for them and good teaching."

Both Lee and O'Brien talked with the media on Thursday. What was said? 



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