4 Updates in 1!

We take a spin down recruiting lane, bringing you not a few separate new updates, but a few all wrapped up in one. It's a time-saver, a click-saver and a way for you to get a quick read on what's going on with some of the country's best prep athletes.

All teams are now into the seasons at the prep level by now. Some as far as four games in, but most just knocking on the door of getting their season going. Oh, and then there's some that haven't actually played a game, but not because there wasn't one scheduled, rather it got stormed out. That was the case with LB, Vernon Smith as his game was cancelled due to weather bad enough to cause the delay in North Lauderadale Academy's season. Not to be thwarted though, Smith's team plays Mirimar high school tomorrow.

LB - 6-1 230 - 4.6/40 - Ranking - 36th overall - No stats thus far this season

Offers: Reported 30+ (reports NU has offered him)

Stats last year: "Over a hundred and like eight tackles for loss."

Played outside linebacker last year. Will play MIKE this year.

Comments on Nebraska: "I haven't received a phone call from them yet, but I know they have a great defense and I love the Big XII, because there's a whole lot of hitting going on."

What's he looking for: "I want to go to a place that's got a great defense and some place I can get some playing time.

Teams of serious interest: Oklahoma, Kansas State, Florida State

Making officials when: "During the season maybe."

A decision when: "Probably after the season. I'm not in that big of a hurry."

(Nebraska sits as a possibility with Vernon, but more than likely, NU has a shot only if OU for sure fills up. He likes the defensive style, but NU seems pretty far down his list right now.)

Unlike Vernon's team, Omar Haugabook's team did play. Unfortunately for Haugabook, it wasn't with him. "I had a sprained ankles, so I had to sit this one out." Omar said. Omar does plan on being back next week though and it's good timing as his team plays a perennially tough team in Atlantic. "They are supposed to be real good this year." he said.

QB - 6-0 - 205 - 4.4/40 - Ranking: NR - Stats: No Stats thus far this season

Offers: None in writing thus far

Stats last year: "I'm not sure what they were."

Comments on Nebraska: "I like them. They use the QB the way I do things, so that's good."

What's he looking for: "Good academics, good team and a chance to play."

Teams of serious interest: "Anybody."

Making officials when: "Probably after the season, but I'm not sure."

A decision when: "I have no idea."

(Probably not a real legit shot for NU simply because Omar seems to like the idea of staying in-state. Not to say he will, but NU is a long ways from being even close to in-state and to be honest, NU doesn't appear to be recruiting him much if at all.)

Well, finally a guy that actually did get to play a game, we take a spin down to Norfolk, Virgina, the residence of one Purnell Sturdivant. Purnell's team beat Heritage high school, 31-21 in a game that Sturdivant almost missed an entire half, not because of health, rather because when he did leave the game, his team was comfortably ahead. Well, for awhile. "I didn't play until the fourth quarter with about two minutes left and when I left, we were up 31-7. They came back though, so I came back in." He came back in and helped hold off the Heritage high surge.

RB/LB/Safety - 5-11 - 208 - 4.4/40 - Ranking: NR - Stats last game: Reported 7 carries for apprx. 100 yards rushing and 12 tackles on defense

Offers: (As LB, RB, Safety - would rather play defense) Virginia Tech, Clemson, Syracuse, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, North Carolina State

Stats last year: Unknown

Comments on Nebraska: "I love Nebraska football. Crouch really caught my eye when he played."

What's he looking for: "I love schools with great traditions, especially on defense."

Serious teams of interest: Michigan, NC State, Penn State, Tennessee

Making officials when: "During the season."

A decision when: "After my visits are done."

(If the offers are accurate, Purnell is obviously underrated by us at this time. Penn State seems to be a serious contender, but as for NU, there doesn't seem to be any reason why Nebraska wouldn't have a shot if they wanted him bad enough. As it is, NU hasn't shown much interest up to this point)

Another already into his season (one game anyway) is one of the more touted running backs in the country. Kansas City, Missouri resident, Tony Temple, a name that you have no doubt heard plenty of this year. He's a seasoned veteran as well and he's glad to get it going. "Being in the program for four years, you've about seen it all." Tony said. "Once you take that first hit of the season though, it's over and you are ready for the season."

RB - 5-10 - 195 - 4.35/40 - Ranking: 14 - Stats last game: 265 yards rushing, 4 touchdowns

Offers: Missouri, Michigan, Iowa, UCLA, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Notre Dame (and more)

Stats last year: Rushed for 2,035 yards and 35 touchdowns

Comments on Nebraska: "I like them and that's a place where running backs love to go and always want to go."

What he's looking for: "Great academics, good tradition and a place that feels like home."

Serious teams of interest: USC, UCLA, Missouri, Kansas State, Notre Dame

Official visits when: "After the season."

A decision when: "After the season."

(Hard to say how much NU is courting him because he literally isn't paying attention to the process at all, his mom fielding all the phone calls from schools. Tony is going to do nothing and I mean nothing when it comes to recruiting while he's still playing, so to be honest, we probably won't get ahold of him again until much later on this year. Is NU a contender? Probably not, but with the likes of Ja'kouri Williams and Darius Walker more than likely making visits, I would say that NU fans shouldn't fret too much)

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