Nebraska resumed spring practices on Tuesday

After taking spring break off, the Nebraska football team resumed spring practices on Tuesday.


Lincoln, Neb. – The Nebraska football team practiced for two hours on Tuesday in shorts and helmets. The defense and offense split time between the Hawks Championship Center and the Ed and Joyanne Gass practice field. 

Defensive coordinator Bob Diaco spoke with the media after practice on the defense’s progress and energy after returning from spring break.

“Great, excited,” Diaco said. “We got a chance to get back together and they were really looking forward to it. The coaches are always looking forward to it. You know they’re our heartbeat, and we miss them when we are away from each other. And we felt it reciprocate back from player to coach, which was nice.”

Diaco touched on the team’s retention returning from break as well.

“They clearly were locked in and like Coach [Riley] said they were going to be away, but they are never off," Diaco said. "So clearly they never shut it just completely off. They just went away and their retention was really strong.” 


Coach Diaco discussed what he has learned by watching film over the past couple of weeks.

“I have learned so much,” Diaco said. “I believe that we are building depth and I can see that. We have a very responsible group that wants to serve, so they are willing to move around and shuffle around, and not get too excited about looking at different spots. So they’re gaining a lot of understanding of the fundamentals necessary to play in our structure, so that’s been very pleasing.”

Coach Diaco spoke on his thoughts on the team's improvement so far this spring.

“I feel like we are putting another coat of paint on and that’s exciting,” Diaco said. “So every coach, myself, mostly, got better today, tried to get better. Every player is improving. And not that we love every role that we have and not that every player loves every role that they are going to be asked to play. But, if you are getting better and you’re improving, how could you be upset and how could you not feel like you’re moving forward as a team?”

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