Nebraska practice donuts (4-11-17)

Nebraska held their 13th practice of the spring on Tuesday.



Lincoln, Neb. - The Nebraska football team practiced for a little over two hours Tuesday on the Ed and Joyanne Gass Field in full pads and helmets.

Defensive coordinator Bob Diaco spoke to the media after practice to briefly discuss his thoughts on last Saturday’s scrimmage in Memorial Stadium.

“It was great,” Diaco said. “We got so much done. That was the main objective for the day - to get into the stadium. That was great for everyone, nobody more than me. Honestly, to get work in there and then to work through all critical situations, that was a lot of fun. [It was] very competitive, great work.”

Diaco also credited the veterans on their efforts this spring.

“It’s easy to talk about guys that are on the rise or guys you’re happy with or guys that made some kind of transition or growth or [guys] maturing that were immature,” Diaco said. “All those conversations are great but so rarely do we get a chance to say that Chris Weber is a leader and doing everything the right way. Aaron Williams, who does it all the right way, [has] great energy and is fundamentally sound. Chris Jones, who does the same [and] approaches his work with deep professionalism. There are some veteran players that are really doing a great job.”

Diaco mentioned how his pass rush strategy will play out.

“One of the beauties of the way we do our business is offensive players have to make a post-snap decision about where the fourth, fifth and/or sixth rusher might come from,” Diaco said. “It depends on who we are going to activate, but it can be a challenge to pick up if [the offense doesn't] know who it is.”

Diaco ended by crediting junior defensive lineman Mick Stoltenberg for his work ethic.

“Mick [Stoltenberg] is intangibly tough,” Diaco described. “He’s a grinding worker, he’s an aggressive player and he’s very intense. He’s highly competitive and his competitive spirit doesn’t allow him to get down. He’s a big physical 300-plus pounder that can knock blockers back, that can move and step with both his feet. He has fast, heavy hands.”

Nebraska's annual Red-White Spring Game is set for Saturday, April 15 at Memorial Stadium, and tickets are on sale

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