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Nebraska's QB battle could have a starter in next few weeks

Nebraska's quarterback battle could have a winner in the near future.

According to Nebraska offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf, the Huskers could have a decision soon at the quarterback spot.

"As soon as we can," said Langsdorf. "I think taking the next week and evaluating the whole spring. Lots of meetings about where we are at and where we need to be. I don't have a date, but we are going to get going as soon as we can. The discussions have already begun. We don't necessarily want it to drag out forever."

Former Tulane starter Tanner Lee and redshirt freshman Patrick O'Brien are battling for the spot, with true freshman Tristan Gebbia expected to redshirt. The pair have alternated reps in practice. Lee threw 23 touchdowns and 21 interceptions in two seasons at Tulane, throwing for 3,601 career passing yards. Tulane went 3-9 in 2015.

Langsdorf said it would be "ideal" for the Huskers to have their starter heading into fall camp. 

How will Langsdorf evaluate the spring game at the quarterback spot? 

“It’s not a whole lot different than every other practice. It’s going to be a deal where there will be a bunch of people in the stands and that will be different,” Langsdorf said. “Making sure we have a lot of poise and don’t get too caught up in all the hype of the day. So that will be different for them [Tanner Lee and Patrick O’Brien] but in terms of evaluation it will be heavily graded and looked at like all of our practices have been. It’s an important practice but it’s not anything way different in terms of the whole entire spring and how we’ve evaluated it.”

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