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Transcripts: Tanner Lee

Nebraska quarterback Tanner Lee talked with the media after his three touchdown performance in the spring game.

On the atmosphere:

“It was a lot of fun. I felt comfortable. It felt good to get back out there.”


On his performance:

“I think I did pretty good.  There were some throws I should have made.  I had a few touchdowns and we were scoring points, so I’m happy with that.”


On whether he performed well enough to earn the starting quarterback position:

“That’s not up to me, but I can just keep trying to play well.”


On Coach Riley naming the starting quarterback in the near future:

“Coach Riley’s been around this game a long time and I know he knows what’s best for our team, and I trust that.”


On moving into the summer:

“I think we had a really great spring.  We have a lot of things to build on and I think we got a lot of our offense in and made it look really good. [It's] not where we want to be, but I think we’ve laid the foundation to build.  I’m excited for that.”


On the offensive game:

“I think we still ran our stuff.  We did a lot of things we wanted to practice.  I think we didn’t show everything - that’s smart.  I think we still ran our offense and had a lot of good film.”


On being nervous now that the spring is over:

“I just continue approaching every day just like we’re in the middle of spring ball.  I’ve got finals coming up though, so I’ll probably be focusing on that, so that’ll help.”


On his teammates:

“I think [having a relationship with my teammates] is extremely important.  Just to have that camaraderie and to build that chemistry with your teammates is important to me.  To have a relationship with every guy is something I focus on.”


On his relationship with freshman quarterback Patrick O’Brien:

“We can make each other better. I think we understand that.  I really think we’re focused on what’s best for the entire team.  It’s really not about Patrick and I, it’s about who’s going to move the ball.  I think we have four guys on our team who can move our team.”


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