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Transcripts: Patrick O'Brien

Nebraska redshirt freshman Patrick O'Brien talked with the media after the Huskers' Red-White game.

On how would assess his spring performance
“I thought I performed well. I executed the offense the best I could, and I thought it was at a high level. All of the coaches have said that I’ve done a good job, so I just have to keep it rolling and bring it into the fall camp.”

On how this spring game differed from the 2016 spring game

“Putting on pads and playing in front of a lot of people is not something I’m really used too. It was a good experience, and I thought I played well. I thought I got the job done. All of us as a quarterback unit, I thought we performed well. It was a good job all around.”


On his favorite moment of play from the game

“I don’t know. I feel like we executed everything. I had a couple tipped passes at the line of scrimmage. I have to get rid of those. Besides that, I felt we executed on all levels. I think we did a good job today.”


On the difference in his own mindset as a potential starting quarterback

“I feel like I’ve done my job. I can control what I can control. I’ve just got to go out there and perform the best I could every single day, and if that means I’m going to be the starting quarterback, that means it. If it doesn’t, obviously I’m going to be disappointed, but I just have to control what I can control.”


On if coaches have mentioned who will be starter

“No. They haven’t said anything really to us. They’ve both said that we’re playing well. We flipped a coin in the locker room today to see who goes first. They’re keeping it even right now. I called heads, and I won it.”


On the performance of freshman quarterback Tristan Gebbia

“He grew up a lot. Going against the ones defense he did a great job. I was very impressed with him. He’s a hard worker, and I know he’s in the film room studying all the time. I knew he was going to be prepared for today. He did a great job.”


On balancing relationship with quarterback Tanner Lee of competing and being teammates

“We’re teammates first. We’re going to be supportive of each other in everything we do. Every single time either of us threw a touchdown, we were the first people to give each other a high five. He’s a great guy. He’s a great quarterback. It’s just making us both better. We’re both competitors, and we’re both just good people. We’ve got a good relationship.”


On chemistry with receivers

“Obviously it has to grow some more. Actually, last year I really didn’t throw with the ones at all. So to be with them all spring and really develop, and then you could see it today. I feel like it worked pretty well, completing a lot of passes. I think all quarterbacks did a good job. I feel like we’re in sync.”


On his comfort level in the quarterback competition going into the fall

“I’m comfortable with it going into the fall. Whatever the coaches feel necessary, it’s up to them. It’s not my decision, but either way I’m just going to keep working hard.”


On if he feels connected with a certain receiver

“I feel like everyone honestly. Stanley’s really good, obviously we know that. DPE (De'Mornay Pierson-El) is a good deep threat. Tyler Hoppes is playing really well at tight end. Bryan Reimers and Gabe Rahn, I feel like every guy I’ve got a good connection with. I just have to keep it rolling and then develop more in the fall.”


On what he feels he needs to work on before the beginning of the season

“All aspects of playing quarterback. I have to work on my footwork. I have to work on my accuracy, just everything. There’s always room to get better. Just got to keep improving every day.”

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