Brett Gallimore: More road time than Hertz

Roaming, wandering, traveling. You could describe Brett Gallimore's adventures into recruiting as a variety of things, peripatetic probably being the most prominent definition. There's no lack of getting to know all the schools though as he's visited just about everyone he's interested in seeing. His latest visit was to see the Buckeyes play up at Ohio State. Brett talked about that and his future travels, many more to come.

I know most schools would take Brett Gallimore in a second. He's one of the best linemen in the country. He's considered to be one of the most balanced packages at the position around and he's got the size and strength to possibly figure in as an early starter, wherever he goes.

I tell you what I want from him. It's his frequent-flyer miles. Brett went down the list of where's he's been thus far and though I don't have the patience to figure it all out, I would estimate that at the rate free miles are given out in ratio to miles traveled, if I had his miles right now, Hello Bermuda!!

That might be the only place he doesn't go, well, that is unless they have a great college football program. Kidding aside, the miles are necessary for Gallimore because he's in the unique position to be able to check all those schools out personally, both official and unofficial. You can't substitute for just seeing it yourself. "Until you actually go there, all you know about a place is what people tell you." Brett said. "If you really want to know about them, you have to go there."

And, so he has and will continue as Brett has only one official visit down, that being his most recent visit to Ohio State. "I was good." Brett said of his visit. "I really enjoyed myself. I liked every coach there."

The visit to see the Buckeyes was much like his most recent unofficial visit to Lincoln to see the Huskers. It was a first-time experience, all of Brett's knowledge from what he's heard, seen and experienced if only thru the TV. Like the unofficial to see the Big Red, the visit to the Buckeyes was an eye-opener as to what the whole program was really all about. "I really didn't know much about them." Brett said of his knowledge of the Buckeyes before his visit. "So, they kind of raised up a little bit now."

Raised up? How far? "Well, everyone is really the same right now."

It's an answer you would expect from a young man that is now a seasoned recruiting-veteran. It's as cliche as "Let's take it one game at a time", but unless you know fur sure where you are going, it's exactly what you should say.

And, come on, this is just his first official visit, which means there are four more to go and yes, Brett isn't stopping there as there are still more unofficial visits to take as well. "This week I am going to Michigan to watch the Notre Dame game." Brett said of his next visit, this one being unofficial. "I'm taking an official to Iowa not this week, but the week after that, against Arizona State. And, I think I'll take another unofficial to Purdue and back to Michigan for an official."

If that's not enough, it's not going to be the end of it of course, Brett having two more official visits and who knows how many unofficial visits he'll take before it's all said and done.

As to when a decision is going to be made, the cliche works here as well as Brett is going to make a decision, "When I know exactly where I want to go".

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