Tarheel-State standout - Jamar Bryant

Ranked as one of North Carolina's best athletes going into this year, Jamar Bryant hasn't done anything to quell that rating. His team now 3-0 heading into this weekend, Bryant is poised to have a season that could help his team to a state title. It will also certainly help the recruiting of Bryant as it's just starting to get really warmed up now.

Jamar is one of those guys that fits the mold of a variety of positions. Point of fact, Jamar started the season playing both sides. It was obvious though that from his 200 yards passing and 60 plus yards rushing against the team that knocked them out of the playoffs last year (Providence), Bryant was going to be best utilized at one position only.

Since then Jamar has led his team to a perfect record, Anson County waiting in the wings to either be the spoiler or just the next victim. As for Jamar himself, he said that he's been getting better as the weeks have gone on. "My completion percentage and everything has gone up from game to game." Jamar said. "That's about all you can expect or want, just to get better."

It must be working, because the list of those offers Jamar says he has up to this point isn't all that long, but you can't argue the quality of the teams. Bryant said that right now, he's got offers from North Carolina, Michigan, Duke, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, Nebraska and East Carolina.

Jamar's style is born from the offense he runs, a lot of option with a decent dose of passing thrown in. Bryant said that in any given game, he might throw the ball around 20 times, that depending on how the game is going. "If the game is pretty hard, I'll throw it more, maybe 20 to 25 times a game." Jamar said. "If we can run it on them though, we'll just keep doing that."

Jamar's size (6'2" - 185 lbs.) makes him more shifty than physical at this point, but he said that the option is ideal for him despite the punishment most option quarterbacks take. In fact, Jamar goes on the offensive when he's running the option, simply because he would rather give than receive. "To tell you the truth, I don't like anyone hitting me, so I try to hit them." Jamar said. I jokingly said to him that maybe he should be a linebacker.

In all seriousness, Jamar is being looked at for a variety of positions, both sides of the ball being represented. From receiver to safety to some even looking at him as an LB, you don't need to take my word for it as to Jamar being versatile. It's apparent simply by that.

That gives the option QB a lot of options indeed, but those are decisions he plans on making after the season is over. Likewise will his officials more than likely take place, Jamar being like most recruits, wanting to take care of immediate business before moving onto the future.

As for favorites, Jamar simply responded "nahh, I'm keeping it pretty open right now."

Jamar right now is listed as a 3-star WR by The Insiders and is currently unranked. Bryant also has not scheduled any official visits thus far.

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