"Quick Hit" w/ CB, Marcus Walker

short, sweet, to the point on one of the top CBs in the country. Our quick hit with Marcus Walker.

Marcus Walker - CB - 5-11, 180, 4.45/40 - 4 star rating as a CB - Ranked 4th overall

Marcus being one of the top-rated corners gets plenty of attention. Yeah, I know. That kind of belabors the obvious. He doesn't get any attention though from the offenses he faces, teams doing anything they can to avoid the Texas prep-star. "Nobody throws my way." Marcus said. "They have a couple of times and that's it."

Makes life pretty boring out there when everyone avoids you like the plague, but ironically, that's what draws the schools at the next level to you that much more.

It's not like he needed it though.

Pick some of the biggest names in college football and chances are, Marcus is holding an offer from them. He's also got his first scheduled visit, that being to one of the bigger "names" in the crowd, Oklahoma on the 12th of December.

That's right around where Marcus plans to make most of his visits, all coming after his last year of high school ball.

Outside of the Irish though, Marcus hedged a bit in who his favorites were, obviously wanting to keep his options open. "I'm looking at a lot of schools right now." he said. "I like Oklahoma, but I like teams like Notre Dame, Nebraska, Florida State, Georgia Tech to and that's not all."

"I'm not sure when I will get it all narrowed down, but I've got some time."

A little over half a season approximately. And, I guess you could add another month and a half on that at least if he wanted to take it all the way to February. Chances are though, he's not looking quite that far down the road. "I doubt I'll wait that long." he said. "Once I know, I'll know, so no point in letting it drag out."

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