New development for 4-star WR Joshua Moore and Nebraska

There is a new development in the recruitment for four-star wide reciver Joshua Moore and Nebraska.

Four-star Yoakum high school (Texas) wide receiver Joshua Moore has received a flurry of track and field scholarships from across the country and his latest comes from Nebraska. This coming after recent offers from the track and field teams of LSU, Texas A&M, Florida St., and Oregon, among others.

Being able to play football and also run track while in college might be something that really appeals to Moore. I'm not saying he didn't receive these offers solely based on his athletic ability because he is a D-1 track talent, but I'm just going to guess that the football programs were in the ears of the track coaches at some point.

If Moore were to pick the Huskers, this would not change the class numbers the team can take. As soon as Moore steps on the football field, he has to be placed on the football scholarship.

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