Recruiting Update - #3 Safety, Kyle Jackson

HuskerConnection caught up with one of the top safety prospects in the country, Kyle Jackson. With his second game just completed, we of course wanted to see how it went and what (if anything) is happening in his world of recruiting. Kyle is currently ranked as the number 3 safety in the country by the insiders.

Two games now done, Kyle Jackon's team having just faced Forest high school, Jackson would like to say that their team dominated, coming away with a convincing if not a somewhat easy victory. Well, everyone would like to say that, but in the end, they would just like to say they won.

Kyle can't. "We lost 23-28." Kyle said. "We weren't prepared mentally and the refs kind of killed us."

The loss diminishes all individual results, but far be it for me to avoid what is of obvious interest to the rest of the recruiting-lovin country. From what Kyle could recall, these are the stats he posted on the day. "I think I had 5 catches for 89 yards." Kyle said. "I had a fumble recovery, an interception, 2 carries for 19 yards and I had 2 punt returns, but I don't know how many yards. I'm not sure on the tackles either."

Kyle's versatility is well-publicized, but just where Jackson is utilized, it just astounds at least me as to how much one player can be on the field during a game and how much versatility one has to have to be able to do so many different things.

I wondered though and inquired to Jackson that if he thought his versatility was actually a downside to his eventual recruiting and in that I mean, because he wasn't specializing in just one thing, did he think it possibly make him very good at everything, but not great at any one thing. His ranking as a safety would argue otherwise and Kyle thinks similarly. "I don't really practice that much on offense." Kyle said. "I mean, they use me there, but during practices, I'm mostly a safety, so that's where I expect most of my success to be."

Well, if Kyle doesn't practice much on offense, his versatility becomes even more significant.

Ok, that's not an overly-smooth segue into the recruiting aspect, but that's what we are talking about in the end and what's going on right now is what can go on and that means phone calls and for Jackson, it's a lot of them. "I get them every night." Jackson said of the phone calls. "I'm not really used to them, but I guess I expect them."

Those that have been calling recently have been as Jackson stated, "Everyone that's been calling". But, just in case you aren't familiar with them all, Kyle ran down a few of those freshest in his memory. "Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Iowa, North Carolina, South Carolina, Nebraska and a bunch more."

As to those teams he is looking at, while Kyle will admit to some affection for teams like Florida (childhood favorite), Georgia Tech, Nebraska and South Carolina, he insists he's still looking all over. "I'm not limiting my choices right now." Kyle said. "Since I don't plan on deciding soon, I don't think I should narrow it down too much. I know some teams that I like a lot and am looking at pretty hard, but that could change at some point."

Kyle's team will play Sandlewood this coming Friday, a game that is considered a rival game. Jackson also currently has no official visits scheduled and no immediate plans to put any on the calendar just yet.

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