SirDarean Adams back to QB?

We caught up with Adams to talk about his team, recruiting of course and he talked about going back to playing both ways.

SirDarean Adams - Safety/WR - 6-1, 212 Bradenton, FL. (Bayshore)

A lot has been said of Adam's versatility in that he can play so many positions. Unfortunately for Adams, that versatility has put him in the rather precarious position of back-up QB along with his duties in the secondary. I know that you think that isn't bad, but in the two games his team has played thus far, Adams has been called upon to play QB in both, because the output from the position wasn't quite up to spec. That helped Bayshore to a victory in the first game, but they weren't so fortunate in the second contest on the year. "The team we played was running some crazy defense." Adams said. "I had to go to QB because we weren't doing anything there and I no matter where I went, there were like 5 guys on me every play."

This rather urgent switch to QB could mean that SirDarean will now be their starting signal-caller as well as their best player in the secondary. For Adams, that's not a big deal. "I'm really confident about playing quarterback." Adams said. "I haven't practiced much at the position, so it's not easy to just get in there and do it, but that's just with passing, because I have been running the option really well."

This isn't new for him as Adams played both positions last year, throwing for over 1,100 yards and rushing for over 600 from the spot. This year, that wasn't the original plan, but as SirDarean stated, "you do what you have to, to win."

The recruiting process has been kind to Adams, but he's not in a rush to get things going at least as far as the visits are concerned. Adams did say that he might take a few visits during the season, but wasn't sure right now just how many he could get in or whether or not any of the local schools (Florida, Florida State or Miami)would be a part of those. Right now, Ohio State and Nebraska look like the early shoe-ins as far as official visits go.

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