Darius Walker schedules first official

We caught up with Darius to catch up on his season, recruiting and he talked about his official visits, reporting that he has one already officially on the Calendar to take.

Darius Walker - RB - 5-11, 195, 4.45/40 - Buford, GA.

One game down, one victory in the bag, Darius' team set out on their quest for another state title this season. The first game though was anticlimactic as Darius only played a half, Buford leading Central Carolton at the break, 35-0. Walker did manage to get 102 yards on 13 carries though, while putting it in the end zone twice. The problem now is just a week into the season, Buford has a bye. "You just get into it and now we have to wait another week to play." Darius said. "It kind of interrupts your rhythm."

Little can interrupt the rhythm of Walker has he is trying to up his season-rushing mark to over 2 grand for the year.

As for the recruiting, Walker stated he scheduled the first of his five allowed official visits, this one to Stanford for January 9th. As for who's next, he said, "Probably Nebraska, but no idea after that."

Darius plans to take all his trips consecutively come January if possible and after that will make his decision.

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