Recruiting Update - #8 LB, Brian Toal

His season has just gotten started, but Brian Toal has already made an impression, just one game into the year. Check out our update as we caught up with one of the nation's premier linebackers.

Brian Toal - LB - 6-2, 228, 4.5/40 - Ramsey, NJ (Don Bosco Prep School)

While other schools in certain parts of the country are going into their 5th game of the season, around New Jersey-way, they are just getting started.

Brian Toal's team will be playing only it's second game today, but Bosco had a nice start in it's season debut. "We won 42-14." Brian said of their first game. A game which saw Toal exhibit all of that versatility and athleticism he has become so well known for.

"I had 180 yards and 3 touchdowns on offense and 10 tackles, 1 sack and 1 forced fumble on defense." Toal said. And Brian also stated that, that was with the coaches taking him out with almost a full quarter yet remaining in the game. "I was kind of disappointed." Toal stated. "I wanted to keep running and keep playing defense."

Ranked by The Insiders as one of the top ten linebackers in the country, you can be rest assured that his continuing success on the field has equated to even more attention off the field, attention Brian doesn't shy away from at all. "It's great." Toal said of the attention. "It's not bad at all. I like it."

The calls have been coming in consistently, but Brian said that the glut of calls he expected from some of the nightmare recruiting stories he had heard about, well, his attention has been good, but very manageable up to this point. "It's not been that bad at all." Brian said. "About 2 to 3 coaches a night is all."

Ok, that might not seem like a lot to him, but I would bet that some recruits would froth at the mouth if to get attention with that kind of frequency. And the consistency in terms of schools has been pretty good as well. "Miami, Notre Dame, Boston College, Virginia Tech and Syracuse, those are the ones that call me a lot." Brian said. And oddly enough, there was another school that contacted him last night ( he wasn't home) that Brian was curious as to why the attention dropped off. He found out what the reason more than likely was.

"Coach Williams (from Nebraska) called last night." Toal stated. "I didn't get to talk to him, but he thought I committed to Penn State. I haven't gotten in touch with him yet, but I have no idea why he thought that."

Penn State would have no doubt been happy about that, but I am sure Nebraska and all the other schools Toal listed are just as relieved that Toal isn't committed to someone other than them just yet.

Not only is Brian not committed, he's not even in the area of putting things down to paper as far as a list of favorites go. "I am so open right now." Brian stated laughing. "I haven't thought about a list at all."

"This coach will call and their team will move up and another will call and they will move up. It just gets kind of confusing, so I think about it a lot, but it's always changing."

Another thing that is changing is his mind-set on just when he will take his official visits. While most are anticipated after the season, Brian said one could come earlier. "We have a bye week this season and I was thinking of going to a game then." he said. "I haven't even looked that far ahead as to who's playing at home and what, but I was thinking about taking an official then."

Consistent to his thought process right now though, Brian hasn't put into his mind just where those officials will be, but he's fairly sure that he'll take all five of them. "As of right now, I think I will take all five, because I really have no idea who I am looking at." he said.

No doubt you haven't gotten even a hint of where Brian is thinking and that's just the way he wants it, because currently, he doesn't have one either. He's a young man though that along with everything else he is enjoying about the season, the recruiting process has been kind of fun as well. So, we'll keep in touch, see how his season goes, but chances are, until that bye week (we'll find out when that is), his list might not be any nearer to existing than it is right now.

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