Roland is "Rollin"

The giant and his team are rolling right now, Martin a "big" part of the reason why. Check out our latest update on Martin as we caught up with him last night.

Roland Martin - OL - 6-6, 345, 5.20/40 - Chicago, IL. (Harper)

If I say Roland is "Rollin", is that just too corny? Perhaps, but there's nothing corny about his team and their season thus far. Martin and company have managed to play three games, win three games, but the kicker is, they haven't been scored upon yet. And, that's with Martin not having to play on the defensive side at all. Looks like they won't need him after all. "As long as we keep playing like this, they don't need me anywhere but where I am at right now."

Where that is at is almost "easyville" right now for Roland as he stated that nobody he's came up against as of yet has been able to match up with him physically. Point of fact, the only person Roland can remember that gave him a run was at camp during the off-season and it wasn't about physically matching up, rather physically, there being such a difference between the two. "The guy I faced in camp, he was like 6'4" and ran like a 4.4." Roland said. "He would line up way outside of me and before I knew it, he was around me and there wasn't nobody coming to chip the guy or nothing. It was just me and him."

"I was hoping we would run a running play, that way I could run at him, slap him upside his head and slow him down some, but nope, they just kept running pass plays and nobody was on my side to help."

That's probably the only time futility has followed the one-man powerhouse and it's something he hasn't faced during the season to any degree at all. It's not too easy mind you, but when you are his size, moving people around comes rather naturally.

The other thing coming easy to Martin is the attention. Not too much, not too little, just about right, at least right now. "It hasn't been real crazy yet." Roland said. "It's been ok."

The list for Martin's has changed to a great degree and I just wanted to follow it up wondering just how solid his current top five of Tennessee, Oklahoma, Iowa, Michigan State and Miami really was. "I like those teams, but I'm not committed to anyone at all." Roland said. "There's nothing firm right now. Those are just the top five I am looking at, at this time."

Illinois, Nebraska, N.C. State, all are teams on the cusp of his current list of leans and Martin said that at this point, the only thing you can count on is what is in front of you, that meaning of course, his season. "I'm not scheduling any of my official visits until after the season and I can't tell you how I will feel then." Roland said.

"That's a long ways away."

Yes it is, but you wouldn't doubt that the road to getting there has been pretty fun for Martin and his team thus far. Three games, three wins, about 40 points a game on offense and have allowed exactly no points in any game at this point.

If I were him, I wouldn't worry about recruiting either. Well, not yet.

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