HC Update - #8 DE, Rhyan Anderson

If you play defense and you are good, the offenses of your opponents must adjust. Sometimes, it's double-teaming you, triple-teaming you or in most cases, they just run away from your side. It makes it hard if they do that, because all those stats you got the previous year aren't coming quite like they once did, but that's due to the fact that now everyone knows who you are. Rhyan Anderson has that problem, but he's adjusting himself as his team goes into week 5.

Rhyan Anderson's team, the perennial powerhouse, Oak Creek high school of Wisconsin, they are 4-0. That's great, but not overly unexpected considering the fact that we are talking about one of Wisconsin's best teams.

And, Rhyan Anderson has had much to do with that, but his stats won't reflect his impact. You see, their defense knows where the opponent is going to go, because it's whever Rhyan isn't.

Frustrating? For Rhyan, after a year that saw him nail down 21 sacks just a year ago, yes, but he knows why and isn't letting that stop him in the end. "I got my first sack this last weekend." Rhyan said. "It felt good, because it's been hard when they always run the other way."

Smart to, or at least for the other team, but it's helped little as Oak Creek crushed it's toughest foe (Kenosha-Bradford) by almost 30 points. You might say it's just delaying the inevitable, but it would seem that it's something Rhyan had better get used to. "In the first game, they just ran the ball and not towards me and in the second game, they came my direction like twice." Rhyan said. "It wasn't until this last game where they actually passed some and came my way, so I got a sack and more tackles than I have had all year."

That's the price you pay for coming into the season ranked as one of the top 10 defensive ends in the country.

The positive of that of course is all the recruiting attention he's been getting since last year put him so squarely on the map. "It's been ok, I guess." Rhyan said of the attention. "They call pretty much every night, so I talk to a lot of coaches."

The ability to talk to the coaches and hear what everyone else has to offer, that's changed Rhyan's mindset from earlier in the recruiting process, where he was looking mostly at one school in particular. "When it all started, I was looking pretty much at Miami." Anderson stated. "Now, I've heard a lot about so many places, I am looking at everyone."

"I like Miami still, but there's a lot to like about everyone else that's recruiting me though."

Of those schools, I was able to squeeze out of Rhyan what he thinks right now anyway of what teams could possibly get a visit when he takes his official visits after the end of the season. "Miami, USC, Vanderbilt and I don't really know about the rest."

"I think I might visit those for sure, but I don't really know anything right now."

Rhyan did sound very uncertain of those choices, but it would seem that Miami is the constant, regardless of his lists. Other teams he is considering along with those mentioned are Nebraska, Ohio State, Wisconsin and Oklahoma. And according to Rhyan that might not be all in the end.

Anderson is adamant about not doing anything until the end of the season as that's what his coach ideally wants and it sounded like that is what he wanted as well.

Anderson stated that he has taken his ACT once, gotten a 19 and will retake and has a reported 2.9 core GPA.

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