HOT NEWS - LB, Rodney Gallon

Lincoln faces Valdosta. A clash of powers to be sure. we talked to Gallon to see how his team did and of course, how he did on the game.

In what was one of the more anticipated games for Lincoln High School out of Tallahassee, Florida, facing the winningest high school football program in the country should have been enough. But, Lincoln's history with Valdosta though brief has been filled with one epic battle after another. This was no different as both the offense and defense had to show up in the second half, Lincoln down 20-7 at the break. Typical as to what they have done all year thus far, Lincoln did that, the defense stifling, the offense moving the ball and the Trojans rallied to win 21-20. LB, Rodney Gallon helped to pace the defense with 10 tackles and 1 sacks on the night. "We're a second-half team." Rodney said. "We've done it all this year and knew we had to do it this time around to. The offense scored, the defense stopped them and that's how we won the game."

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