Shae Reagan's team still undefeated

To say he can play a variety of positions is one thing, but when you have been offered by a ton of schools at just about every single one, that's something else. That's what Shae Reagan is dealing with right now. Wouldn't you like to be him?

LB, DE, QB, Safety and throw in tight end as well, Shae Reagan isn't just facing the hard choice about which college he wants to go to, but which position as well. This 6'3"+, 230 lbs. athlete has enough versatility and athleticism that he has been offered a scholarship for just about every single one of those aforementioned positions. Ahh, yes, let's just call him an "athlete".

Well, this athlete is 4-0 on the year and typical to the offense he runs, Shae gets his chances between the 20s, but once his team is in the good old Red Zone, it's run, run, run. That being the case, Reagan's 900+ yards of total offense may not seem like much, but in his offense, that's just the way it is. Though Shae wasn't positive, he estimated his completion percentage in the 60s and thus far this year, Reagan hasn't thrown the ball to the "other guy" either.

The recruiting attention has been pretty consistent, as has his top five list. Texas Tech, TCU, Oklahoma State, Nebraska and Texas A&M sit as his favorite and Shae said nobody out of those five led at this point. "I have felt comfortable at all these places." Reagan said of when he visited the five aforementioned schools. "That's the most important thing to me in where I think I will fit in the best and feel most at home."

That's not the only thing though as Reagan didn't just talk about how he felt at a place as important, but what the future is at each school, more specifically, his future and what other players might be in it. "What I look for is what I am going to be playing with next year." Shae said. "I just look at what talent they have coming up and already there."

Shae said that the five teams listed are the ones he will most likely take official visits to, but that's going to wait until after his final season of prep-ball is over, plus, he's fairly certain that he will end up taking all five. "That's really the only way I am going to know for sure just how I feel about those schools." he said. "After that, I will figure out what I want to do."

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