HC Recruiting Update - LB, Vernon Smith

HuskerConnection caught up with the standout LB from Florida to see how his season was going and of course, how the recruiting was going as well.

Vernon Smith - LB - 6-1, 230, 4.6/40 - North Lauderdale, FL. (North Lauderdale Academy Chart)

Sporting a 2-1 record, Vernon considers his season thus far a mild-success, if only because the offenses he has seen thus far don't cater to what he does the best and that's stop plays from happening at the line of scrimmage. "A lot of passing teams so far." Smith stated. "I get some tackles here and there, but their schemes are making it hard for me to get in on every play like I am used to." So much so that the 6 tackles which is meager by Smith's standards just aren't good enough for him, but in the end, it does come down to one thing. "Stats are nice, but really, I am just happy to get the win." he said. "If we do that, I can sacrifice the numbers."

Smith isn't sacrificing the attention as the schools that have been in constant contact with him continue to do so week in and week out. Oklahoma, Miami, Kansas State are just a few of the names on his list that call him whenever they are allowed.

While some recruits are still mulling over where to take their official visits, Smith seems to think he knows where they will end up being. "Oklahoma, Miami, Ohio State, Pittsburgh and Kansas State." Smith stated. "Right now, that's where I think I will go and I am going to start scheduling them in a month or so."

It would seem that the speculation of OU being the leader for Smith is pretty accurate as though he didn't say it outright, Smith gave every indication that Oklahoma was indeed the team to beat.

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