HOT NEWS Update - Safety, Kyle Jackson

Known for being prolific at just about any position he plays, Kyle Jackson's performance this last weekend hasn't done anything to quell that belief. Check out our latest update on one of the nation's best safeties.

Kyle Jackson - Safety - 6-1, 176, 4.61/40 - Neptune Beach, FL (Duncan U. Fletcher)

Jackson continues his outstanding season of individual output, his last game against perennial rival, Sandalwood, Duncan taking the game 27-13. In that game, Kyle proved once again not just how versatile he is in playing a variety of positions, but how effective he could be no matter what side of the ball he was on.

On the offensive side, Kyle had 100 yards in total offense. On special teams, Jackson had a kickoff return for a touchdown and on defense, Kyle totaled 16 tackles, 12 of them being solo. In the game, Kyle played safety, running back, return-man and wide receiver.

Is it any wonder why Kyle receives calls consistently if not incessantly? Probably not.

With the season now hitting a much better note, recruiting isn't taking a backseat, but what you've seen in past updates hasn't changed to any serious degree. It's still Florida, Georgia Tech, Nebraska, Michigan and South Carolina, but as you would expect, Kyle continues to state that he is currently "looking at all my options".

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