Marlon Favorite: His defense is dominating

Favorite's defense absolutely clobbered their last opponent, but that has been a theme thus far this season. Dominating defense and who better to talk to about that than one of the most dominating interior D-linemen in the country? Check out our latest update on one of the top-rated DTs in the nation.

Marlon Favorite - 6-3, 310, 4.8/40 - Harvey, LA (West Jefferson)

If you can call coming off of a 62-0 blowout of your opponent bittersweet, you might be curious as to how. Well, while Favorite was a big part of starting the landslide victory from the defensive side of the ball, he wasn't part of it for very long. "They took me out after the first quarter." Favorite stated. "I have been good enough out there, that we got some young guys in there and they did a good job, so for the team, I feel really good about where we are at."

While Favorite has gotten used to getting pulled early in games thus far this year, it hasn't stopped him from making a major impact while he's on the field. Favorite reported that he has 8 sacks on the season and around 20 total tackles, again, that's with playing very limited amounts of time due to his team blowing the opponent out early.

Favorite is looking forward to the next opponent though, Karr high school, the only team that gave his team a run for it's money. That was pre-season though in their Jamboree, but Favorite expects another great effort from them again.

The recruiting attention has been intense for Favorite, Marlon trying to diversify his attention, most of course for his high school season, the rest trying to figure out which school he wants to attend. It's not easy as you might guess, but Favorite does have an idea about the official visits he will take after his season is done. "I have somewhat of an idea right now." Marlon said. "I know for a fact that I want to go out to California (USC) and I know I want to head down to Florida(Miami). Plus, I want to visit LSU. I want to visit Colorado and I want to visit Nebraska."

Again, these are going to wait until after the season, but it would appear this should be his firm list when that time arrives.

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