Matt Stoltz names a favorite.

The early schedule for Pulaski is anything but kind, facing one defending state champ. after another. Not deterred, Stoltz and company are attempting to rise to the challenge. Amidst all that, Stoltz has taken the time to talk about recruiting a team that could be sitting at the top of his list, at least right now. Check out our latest update on LB, Matt Stoltz.

Matt Stoltz - LB - 6-3, 240, 4.55/40 - Little Rock, Ark. (Pulaski Academy)

Continuing what you can only call the "murderers' row" of schedules, Stoltz and company faced off this last Friday against the defending 4A state champ., Warren high school. This compliments the already brutal schedule that had them face the 5A champ and perennial powerhouse, Springdale, followed by the defending 3A state champ Stutgard. While the Springdale didn't pan out very well, Stutgard ended up being a shut out and this last game against Warren, Pulaski put a hurting on them, 50-13. It would appear that Pulaski is starting to roll. "One of their touchdowns was a kickoff return, so it shows our defense gets it going." Stoltz stated. "They just shut people down and get good field position and our offense just dominates."

The offense dominating wouldn't normally concern anyone that was there to watch only Matt Stoltz, but this year, that's changed as Matt now finds himself on that side of the ball as well, but of all places he finds himself, it's down in the trenches with the linemen, Stoltz actually playing the tackle position. "It's a challenge." Stoltz said of playing the O-line. "Whatever it takes to help the team though, that's what we are all willing to do."

Stoltz has also played fullback, blocking for fellow standout, Stephen Green, he's spelled the defense at running back and Matt even got the ultra-rare opportunity to chuck a ball down-field. "It was pretty cool." Matt said of completing the 50 yard pass. "I haven't thrown the ball in a long time."

On the side of the ball most are recruiting Matt for, Stoltz said he has around 20 tackles thus far, 1 sack and as he stated, "a whole bunch of QB pressures".

Speaking of pressure, that's something Stoltz isn't feeling at all as the recruiting continues to heat up. It's something that Matt is taking in stride. "It's been good." Stoltz said of the recruiting attention. "I get a bunch of calls every night, but it's been fun talking to all the coaches."

The coaches calling have been much of the usual contenders for Stoltz, teams like Arkansas, Tennessee, LSU, Virginia and Nebraska continuing to call week-to-week. Most significant of any recent events are that Matt might schedule a visit to go see the Virginia/Florida State game, but outside of that, will push the rest of his official visits until after the season is over.

Matt also said that Turner Gill from Nebraska came to his school last week to view film on both him and teammate, Stephen Green and the head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers, Phillip Fulmer called him just last night. "That was really nice he could do that." Matt said. "That means a lot."

Those teams listed above constitute Matt's most recent list of favorites and he looks at them as most likely to receive official visits. Matt did come out a bit and say that at least right now, there is a leader, albeit a slight one. "I'd have to say Tennessee right now." Matt said. "Probably just because of coach Fulmer calling me. It got my attention."

Matt hedged a bit on being too committed to the Vols being a clear-cut favorite however. "You know, these things change almost day-to-day." Matt said. "I might have one as a favorite one week, but next week, it might change. It's just too far away to say that any one team will be my favorite towards the end, because I get great feelings from all the coaches when I talk to them."


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