Jersey star gets "sick" against rival

It's not like he isn't used to having big games, but even for a player the likes of Brian Toal, this game was big, especially considering who it came against.

Bergen Catholic probably doesn't mean much to you and it means not much more than that even to such as myself. However, if you are a player at Don Boscoe, it has a little more significance to be sure.

Last year's state title matched pitted that very same Bergen team against Brian Toal's Bosco team and there, they played for all the marbles. Toal's team took that one, Bosco actually the underdog going into last year's post-season contest.

This year, Don Bosco Prep was the favorite, Bergen the underdog, hence, it's payback time.


Well, that didn't last long, not even a quarter as it turned out, the pre-game hopes so high for Bergen quickly and quite abruptly dashed by Toal and teammates.

If the first drive of Bergen gives you an idea of what happened to them all game, Bergen actually got a first-series turnover by Bosco that eventually landed them on Bosco's 6 yard-line, first down and not even 10 to put it in the house for the opening score of the game.

They couldn't do it. They didn't even manage to get a field goal out of the deal, but it was only a precursor of what was to come, Bosco up by around 5 touchdown at half, Bergen scoring zippo during that time.

A big reason for that was Bosco's golden boy, LB/RB/etc., Brian Toal who put together if you just look at either side, a great game. However, take both sides into account, you can call 204 total yards of offense, 4 touchdowns (3 rushing, 1 receiving), 68 yards receiving on 3 catches, 136 yards on the ground on 8 carries, 12 tackles on defense along with an interception that he took to the end zone for this 5th score on the day.

What else do you need to say? Even Brian doesn't know what to say. He just kind of modestly chuckles, but stated, "I was definitely in the zone. I was also kind of relaxed, but I was definitely in the zone for this game. I was pretty fired up to play them."

As fired as he was and his team was, not even the players of the 4th ranked team in the country (as ranked by the USA Today) thought they could beat rival, Bergen by what ended up being a 48-9 pasting that was almost all of that by midway through the third period. "They are a really good football team." Toal stated. "No way anyone thought we would do that to them. I am sure they didn't either."

I realize that if you are even remotely human, you are flat out impressed by Toal's numbers in this contest. Take into mind that those numbers were almost entirely amassed during the first half. Toal like most of this fellow starters were taken out not even half way through the third period, but by the score, I think you understand why.

Something else you can understand is why everyone wants this young man. Yeah, yeah, he knows it to, though modest precludes him from admitting such. Also, though you may see a list on his favorites from time to time, he's stating that nothing is for sure right now. "I'm thinking so little about it (recruiting) right now, I can't say anyone is in or out for sure." Toal stated. "I'm looking at everyone, so there's really no permanent list."

And no officials set as of yet either, so teams still vying for them are all still in contention. Next victim....err, opponent for Bosco Prep, Kennedy (Patterson).

All I can say is, good luck Kennedy.

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