Andre Brown - Changing his visitation plans?

As the high school season wears on, you hear about some fairly audacious numbers that make you sit up and take notice. Andre Brown has numbers like that, even this early into the season. Actually, while you and I might gape in awe at his production thus far this year, for Brown, it's just another day at the office.

300 yards rushing and 6 touchdowns. That's 2 games for most backs, but for Brown, he did it in one. Heck, he did it in 3 quarters if you want to get picky, Brown having to sit out the first quarter as he was late for a practice one day. The 6 touchdowns was actually a career high (one of the scores coming on a kickoff return), but the 300 yard mark that usually just drops jaws merely at hearing the stat, well, that's old-hat for this North Carolina stud. "I had 300 yards in another game this year to." Brown stated.

Case in point.

On the season, Andre said that he has right around 1,500 yards and 17 touchdowns. That's through 7 games, so you can see that his average is about as eye-popping as some of his single-game prowess as well.

As you might already know, Andre has taken his first official, that one to Virginia. It was an official that for the time-being as put Virginia in the lead. Brown did state that it is mostly because it's the only place he's visited, thus more familiarity with the coaches, players, school, so on and so forth. "I don't know how I will feel after my other visits, but it will probably be like this." Andre said. "I figure it's going to change a lot before it's all over."

Andre was to have scheduled an official to Nebraska for the 5th of December, but N.C. State has asked him to visit their campus on that date as well. The dilemma isn't going to change where he visits as he still plans on visiting those to for sure, but now, the question is when. "I was going to Nebraska, but N.C. State wanted me there on that date, so I guess I just have to figure out which one gets that visit." Andre said. "Right now, I haven't thought about it too much."

Andre also said that Tennessee was going to be another shoe-in recipient of a visit, Miami being the early favorite for the last but certainly not least trek to finish off his official visits for the year.

Last season, Brown ran for 2,198 yards for the year. At his current pace, he is looking to break that by a wide margin. You have to wonder with these insane amounts he's putting up just how much it goes through his mind every time he steps on the field. Well, I know I do. "I don't think about it too much." Andre said. "Once the game is going, that's pretty much all you think about."

"When the game is over, you might take a look at the stats then, but the only thing I think about during the game is getting to the end zone."

Brown said that he isn't sure when he'll finish off scheduling the rest of his official visits, but doesn't anticipate it taking until the end of the season.

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