Nebraska will win the national title, this year!!!

I've been going about this all wrong. All this time, I have been thinking about what it takes to win a national title and somehow, I assumed you had to have an offense. Baltimore didn't have an offense and they won a Super Bowl, so why do the Huskers have to have an offense? If Ohio State can do it, Nebraska should be a shoe-in. Yep, NU will win the national title this year.

  • The 1983 Huskers had the most prolific offense in Division 1-A college football history. That got them as far as second place to the Miami Hurricanes.
  • Kansas State averaged 44 points a game last year and their trophy case has just enough hardware to hold my video collection of, "When Talking Mimes attack", together.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs led the league in scoring last year, but as usual, the only thing they are getting in the post-season is the heimlich maneuver.

Basically, scoring a lot of points guarantees you anything like telling someone, "read my lips".

Defense wins championships. That's the old saying, right? Well, why stop with just the title game. Can't we just have a great defensive team throughout the regular season and if it can win a post-season game, surely it should be able to sweep through the regular season.

Pointing back to Ohio State, let's take a look at some of the stats of Nebraska at this point and the stats Ohio State finished up with last year, on their way to their first national title since the Mesozoic era.

Ohio State




Pts Per Game



Yards Per Play



Total Yds Per Game



Avg. Per Pass



Avg. Per Rush





You see? We don't need no stinking offense! It's all about defense and if you think NU held it's own to the defending national champs when it comes to scoring, just check out how they compare when it comes to stopping others from scoring as well.

Ohio State




Pts Per Game Allowed



Yds Per Play Allowed



Total Yds. Per Game Allowed



Avg. Per Pass Allowed



Avg. Per Rush Allowed


Ok, so the buckeyes get the edge in average per. rush allowed, but you get my point, don't you? NU is going to win the national title!!!

Yes, yes, I know. Number of games played, teams faced and all that. Why quibble over details, I say? Let's just face the inevitable or if you must drag me through reality, let us just hypothesize that NU's defense will stay as strong as it has been. Seems a pretty good bet, I would think. Ok, now let's assume that the offense will remain as stagnant all year as it has been thus far. Yeah, I know. That's a gimmee.

So, there ya go, no question about it, it's in the bag, as good as done, it's all over but the crying.

That of course isn't my only basis for the Huskers taking it all this year. Nope, though that is a pretty heavy argument, I think that there is yet more kindling for the fire of optimism.

It's the way the year has gone.

Am I wrong? I mean, look. One super-duper team after another, ranked amongst the elite, all taken out by a team that was currently unranked. N.C. State flowed quite gracefully in the land of overrated. Michigan got the wheels taken right off of their poor-man's "A-train", Chris Perry. Cal. over USC? Minnesota undefeated? My granddaddy used to say, "Son, hell ain't going to freeze over. that's not possible, but I tell ya my boy, if teams from the M.A.C. start beating top-ten teams, that's pretty close to the same thing."

And, all this going on and nobody is talking about Nebraska. They just fell off the face of the earth. It's the year of the underdog, the forgotten teams, the maligned and stricken. Hell, that's got Nebraska written all over it. I'm tellin ya, I don't need a crystal ball for this, NU is automatic for the title game.

However, for you hard-to-impress types, if this oh-so-compelling evidence still hasn't convinced you of the inevitable, let me bring one more vital piece to the fray and even the most diehard skeptic will be swayed into believing what I can only call fate itself.

Herbie. That's right, Herbie as in Herbie Husker or should I say, the NEW Herbie Husker.

I have been able through diligent research and about four hours of sniffing glue been able to rationalize how the connection between Husker success and new mascots is tied in. Lil' Red, that spring-loaded, overly-flexible Macy's float on feet debuted in 1994. Not so coincidently enough, that's when Nebraska went on it's infamous run, winning 3 out of the next 4 national titles.

Well, Herbie was created in 1974 and before you start spouting off with that coming after NU's first run of success, let me show you the adhesive-induced relation to how this all fits perfectly in place.

You see, the character was created by Dirk West. Now, Dirk was from Texas, the site of the last game (1969 Sun Bowl) before Nebraska went into the season where they would go 11-0-1 and play LSU for the national title in Miami. And, while Miami really isn't all that close to Texas, nor does it really have anything to do with the story, I get much closer to the bottom of this Elmer's bottle and I can make a connection from Miami to Herbie to Bo Pelini in no-time flat.

You see it though, don't you? I mean, the evidence is so, "right there" in front of your face. You can't deny it. You can't even hope to argue. Why would you even try? The signs are right, the sun is moving in the general direction for this to be plausible and the next thing you know, a M.A.C. team is going to beat someone in the top ten.

What? You say they did?


The fat lady is already out the door.

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