HC Recruiting Update - DE, Demarcus Winston

We caught up with Demarcus Winston just to catch up on his season and of course, how the recruiting is going. Check out our latest update with the Arkansas standout.

Demarcus Winston - DE - 6-7, 235, 4.7/40 - Little Rock, AR. (Parkview Magnet)

The season hasn't gone quite as planned for one of Arkansas' best defensive prospects as Parkview high in their first five games has gone 1-4. Winston's team does have a .500 record though in conference play, posting a 1-1 record. That record means they still have a shot at some post-season glory. "We should be able to win 3 games." Winston stated of the rest of conference play. "If we can do that, we have a shot at the playoffs, but if we can win 4, we should be a shoe-in."

While Winston's team might find itself slipping into the land of the obscure, Winston himself continues to be one of the hotter two-way stars in the state of Arkansas. Considering that, the attention he's getting from far more than just the southern region of the country has been considerable. Attention he's trying to keep in perspective. "A lot of teams are showing a lot of interest." Winston said. "I'm getting a lot of interest right now from Nebraska, Arkansas, Stanford, Tennessee, Alabama and Duke."

"Those are the teams coming on the strongest right now."

Out of this considerable list (all except Tennessee having offered), Winston has been able to be the model of consistency in what he said at the time I first talked to him. "I'm still just really wide-open." he said. "There's a lot to do with the season and we're still trying to get to the playoffs, so I'm just taking everything in right now."

Winston also has not scheduled any official visits and as to who might be contenders, once again, Demarcus doesn't budge. "I really haven't thought about it too much." he said. "I know that schools have talked to me about coming in December, but I haven't really thought about it all right now."

Of those schools that are trying to schedule Demarcus for visits right now are Duke and Alabama and Arkansas have inquired to unofficial visits as well.

Winston makes the list of the Insiders' Top 100 for the southern region and is the 27th ranked DE in the country overall.

Winston is also being recruited for basketball and as to which sport he will choose, nothing concrete has been said as of yet.

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