HC Recruiting Update - S/CB, D'Nerian Wrighter

5 games into his season, we caught up with Wrighter to see how this Texas standout is doing thus far. Touching on the recruiting, his stats for the year and how many offers he has at this time. You might not believe just how many D'Nerian has, but it illustrates just how popular he's become. Check out our latest update with Wrighter.

D'Nerian Wrighter - CB/Safety - 6-0, 195 - Marlin, TX. (Marlin)

Unsung, but not undone, D'Nerian Wrighter has managed to work his way through the season just fine. Though the attention from recruiting analysts seems to be lax, the attention from the schools around the country certainly hasn't.

They've taken notice.

The season for Wrighter is one that could already be forgotten, his team hampered by injuries struggling their way to a 1-4 record. One of those injuries was Wrighter himself as he had to sit out one game due to an ankle injury.

Team success aside though, it's not stopped Wrighter from making an impression, D'Nerian reporting that on the year, thru four games, he has 43 tackles, 2 sacks, 8 pass break-ups, 7 tackles for loss and 4 interceptions.

Stats like that only make schools look harder, but it's going to be hard to top Wrighter's reported 40+ offers right now.

So many teams, so many options, you and I would probably think it impossible to even begin to narrow it down. Well, Wrighter is in a similar situation, but it's not because he can't, rather because his final year of prep-ball takes precedence.

Wrighter does have in mind not the teams, but the conferences that have teams he would like to visit. "I definitely want to visit teams from the S.E.C and the Big XII." D'Nerian said. "They are two of the most prestigious conferences around. They are the best two conferences in college football."

"Most of the talent goes there, so that's why I'm thinking so hard on them."

You can figure out how many teams that is, that are vying for Wrighter then, if he sticks to this two-conference philosophy, but right now, that's about as narrow as the list is going to get. "I'm still wide-open." Wrighter stated. "I never know what each has for me until I look more, look around more and it'll come to me, but I don't know right now."

Right now, Wrighter has bigger fish to fry. Well, that is, he has more important things to think about, his season first and foremost. While the year hasn't gone well up to this point, district play starts this week and his team hasn't lost a district game in 5 years. So, D'Nerian is optimistic about making it to the playoffs once again. After that, well, you know the cliche', one game at a time.

And, it's one day at a time with the recruiting, but it's going to be quite a few days from now before we learn anything solid about favorites or possibly even visits, but expect most if not all of them to take place after his season is done.

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