Future Husker Update, Lance Brandenburgh

Check out our update as we caught up with the future Husker. Can he top the insane amount of tackles he had from a year ago? How is life being the starting QB? What's he think of the new and improved Blackshirts? Check all the answers to those questions in our latest update on Overland Park's, Lance Brandenburgh.

Lance Brandenburgh - LB - 6-1, 215, 4.62/40 - Overland Park, KS. (St. Thomas Aquinas)

When you come off a year where you had almost 200 tackles, you have to wonder if it's even possible to better that total. Thru 5 games, Lance couldn't recall what he had for the year, but the last two games haven't been bad. "I've had over 20 tackles the last two games." Lance said. That's 20 tackles, EACH, just to clarify.

That kind of production appears all that much more impressive considering the fact that Lance is the starting QB in an offense where standing back in the pocket and passing just isn't part of the equation. "Yeah, we run it a lot." Brandenburgh stated. Enough that his team has averaged over 240 yards a game on the ground, while Lance has had over 50 attempts for over 300 yards.

Being a future Husker though, it's not just his season he is looking at, but the season of that team up North, that he will be joining next year. And, needless to say, the number one defense in the country has caught his eye considerably. "They just fly to the ball." Lance said of the "blackshirts". "They are pretty fun to watch."

Fun to watch, but you know where Lance would like to be right now. "I can't wait to get up there." he said.

With the success of Demorrio Williams, I asked Lance if he asked the coaches about him doing everything that Demorrio is doing right now. "Yeah." Lance said laughingly. "That would be pretty nice to get the chance to do all that."

Lance's team is 4-1 on the year, the only loss coming to Blue Valley, a team that they will probably have a chance to face again in District play.

We'll catch up with Lance again as we bring you updates on future Huskers.

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