Feeling good, doing well/Future Husker, Seth Olsen

Before the season, it was an issue. Heck, it was THE issue. Why, even some of his reasoning for committing had to do with that very reason. Well, now isn't then, the problem, a thing of the past and it's onward and upward for future Husker, OL, Seth Olsen.

You remember, right? Seth's back was such a big deal, nobody knew if he would be 100% by even mid-season if he would ever be 100% at all. Even Seth in our interview with him after he committed, stated that one of the reasons he went there was because of their strength and conditioning program and if anyone could help with his possible lengthy injury, it would be them.

Well, you can write all that off right now.

Millard North is 6-0 and you can bet this man-mountain has had something to do with it and yes, it doesn't hurt that something that seemed to be almost controlling his future is now barely a whisper in the past. "It's not even an issue anymore." Seth said of his back problems. "It hasn't bothered me once (all season)."

Due in part to his welcome recuperation, North has remain undefeated, being their typical self, running, running and a whole lot more running. Enough that North's QB, Adam Shada is second in the state in rushing yardage per game (182.5), second in the state is scoring (18.4 pts. per game) and the Mustangs lead the state in total offense per game, putting up over 400 yards a contest.

This has kept Millard North atop the prep rankings for Class A, edging out perennial contender, Omaha Creighton Prep. and North Platte, led by Danny Woodhead.

If Millard North keeps on their pace, they will more than likely end up in the state title game. It would be a welcome return visit as the Mustangs are no doubt eager to erase the bitter loss to Lincoln Southeast in their last state-title appearance, North being dealt a controversial defeat at the hands of the Knights.

For Olsen though, nothing really changes, everything is pretty much the same and he's taking everything in stride. Heck, Seth is darn near placid in his demeanor. "It's been good so far." Seth said of the year, "but, we're aiming for the playoffs."

It looks like they are off to a pretty good start.

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