When all eyes are on you, QB, David Wolke

When you threw at a rate of 60+ percent the season prior, people are looking at you the following year. When you tossed for over 1,800 yards and threw for almost 20 touchdowns, you are going to get your share of attention. That's the way it goes though in the life of the touted recruit, so David Wolke isn't surprised. He's not necessarily thrilled, but he's certainly not shocked that so much attention has been towards him.

David Wolke - QB - 6-2, 195, 4.7/40 - Smyrna, TN (Smyrna)

It wasn't like nobody knew about David Wolke last year, so things were easy to do. But, Wolke wasn't touted as one of the better QB recruits in the country either. That changes things, especially how teams play you and as Wolke stated, it's pretty clear what their plans against Smyrna are from the get-go. "Oh man, it's been crazy." Wolke said. "They only have like five or six in the box, cornerbacks playing back and they are running the triangle. You know what they are doing, but it's ok because our running game has been good."

A running game that has taken advantage of teams playing Wolke as Smyrna's best offensive threat, which doesn't help David's stats, but it helps his team put points on the board. In the end, that's what matters to him. "As long as we are winning games, I don't mind." he said. "Wins are what we are trying for."

To that end, Wolke's team has a 5-3 record, but with around two games left, that still puts his team with clear sights on the playoffs.

As you might suspect, that's what occupies David's attention as well it should, but with so many offers on the table from so many schools that rank amongst the elite, that carries it's weight with him, even at this point of the year. Right now David has an official visit scheduled for Ole Miss the 12th of December and he plans on scheduling Michigan and Wake Forest as well.

As to the two remaining visits, David said he's still up in the air as to where they will go, but amongst the contenders for those final two spots are Nebraska, Syracuse, Vanderbilt and Wisconsin, just to name a few.

The recruiting attention at least from David's side will increase, but not quite yet and certainly not this week. The second-ranked team in the region (Lebanon) is on the horizon and Wolke's sights are focused only on that. "They are really good." he said. "They are good on both sides of the ball, so we have to have a great game."

We'll keep in touch with David, see how his game against Lebanon went and keep you updated as to what's going on with this Tennessee standout the rest of the recruiting year.

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