Setting records along the way, RB, Terrance Jones

Booker high school is right where they are supposed to be. Undefeated, cruising to a shot at a state title. Ok, it's never that easy, but Booker has done exactly what most expected and with 3 games left, the only thing that seems to be stopping them is, well, them.

Terrance Jones - RB - 5-9, 180, 4.31/40 - Sarasota, FL (Booker)

22 returning starters might have also had something to do with those lofty expectations, but if anyone is happy, you can imagine that Terrance Jones was positively thrilled at the idea. After all, when everyone is keying in on you as a primary weapon for the offense, having a whole line full of returning "bigguns" is a nice luxury to have.

Jones' stats reflect the impact of those returners.

On the season, Terrance has 1,328 yards and 21 touchdowns and all that on less than 120 carries. I could figure the average for you, but just looking at it, you can see that it's extreme. That average certainly wasn't hurt by Jones' best single-game performance of the year, Terrance rushing the ball against another powerhouse, Palmetto, tallied a school-record (breaking his old record) 339 yards and all that on just 20 carries.

That will turn heads. And, it has as the attention for this standout has only increased as the season has gone along. Schools like Nebraska, Oklahoma and LSU have jumped in the mix, all talking to him about taking official visits to their school. Terrance said of those three that he would "definitely" like to visit and his coach actually told him that he would like him to visit at least one school during the year. As to who that school will be, Terrance hasn't made up his mind quite yet.

Other schools Terrance said he is looking at are Florida State, Iowa and Florida as well.

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