JC CB - Quncy Butler; One of the best

Quite honestly, the Southwest Football Conference in Texas is one of the finest junior college conferences around. Home to such powerhouses as Navarro, Kilgore and of course, Tyler, it stands as one of the elite, thus the players within this conference considered that as well. One of those that stand close to the top is Quincy Butler, a CB out of Kilgore, but Butler is pure and simply one heck of an athlete.

Quincy Butler - CB - 6-2, 200, 4.45/40 - Tyler, TX. - JC (Tyler)

In the conference, Butler is tied for 1st in interceptions with 4 (in 7 games) and ranks 3rd in punt returns, averaging just over 16 yards a pop. He's even amongst the top 30 in total tackles as well.

Because of this, the attention is extreme from those colleges looking for a true lock-down corner and even Butler acknowledges that it was more than he received coming out of high school. "The attention is crazy compared to then." Butler said of the recruiting "So many more schools, just everyone seems to be looking at me."

A lot of that has to do with his coach sending out film almost on a weekly basis and of course, that film has had it's affect. So much so, that Quincy now has a chance to do better this time around in regards to his decision than he did as a senior in high school when he chose Texas Tech. "I was young then and didn't know what I wanted to do." Butler said. "It was close to home, so it seemed like a good choice, but I know that was a mistake now."

Back then, Butler's choices weren't anything to scoff at as he was considering Oklahoma as well, but now, he's literally got a chance to take everything in, giving everyone a clear opportunity to show what they have and he'll figure things out from there. "I am so wide-open now because there's so much attention coming in." Butler said. "I go home and I have mail all over the place and I get back to school and the machine has a ton of messages."

"I have a great opportunity now, so I want to make sure I do this right this time around."

Butler wasn't even sure of just who had offered him and who hadn't, but said of those schools he is considering just off the top of his head, Nebraska, Oklahoma, LSU and Texas A&M just scratch the tip of the list.

You might assume then that Butler hasn't scheduled any official visits as of yet and you would be correct, but again, he's looking at all his choices right now. Needless to say, in his conference, the concentration needs to be totally on one thing, because as he put it, you mess up once, anyone in that entire league can win. "There's not one easy game in this conference." he said. "Everyone comes to play, everyone is good and you better bring all you have every time you step on the field or you are leaving with a loss."

"That's why I love it."

Butler was named a preseason All-American, first team, one of 6 players from his conference to make that list of favorites for post-season All-American honors. And, the SWJCFC currently has 35 former players in the NFL right now, Jeremy Shockey, Corey Ivy, Josh Scobey, Michael Bishop, Earl Dotson, Marquis Walker, Aaron Glenn and John Randle, just to name of few. Tyler junior college has put out 6 of those 35 players.

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