Gaining popularity by the week, QB, Daryll Clark

As the world of football segues into a QB mold of athletic throwing field-generals, the prototypical passer hasn't become a thing of the past, but the list of great ones continually finds itself smaller each year. As that decreases, the increase of quarterbacks that can run as well as they throw, but still manage some rather gaudy passing statistics, that's become the mold for the future. Daryll Clark fits that mold.

Daryll Clark - QB - 6-3, 195, 4.65/40 - Youngstown, OH (Ursuline)

At 6'3" and just under 200 lbs., Clark has a lean if not lanky frame, suited to doing just what he does best. Dropping back, seeing the field, moving when needed, but as with today's ever-changing QB, the second he moves isn't a chance to tuck and go, it's another chance to find someone down-field. Call it a new classification of QB if you will, not a "pure passer", not a "run/pass" QB, rather a "pass/run" signal-caller that utilizes his entire cache of weapons to befuddle and beat opponents.

What else can you say for a QB who could run the option if he had to, but operates out of a spread offense right now? "I'm always looking to pass." Clark said. "That's our system, but even when I am moving, I am looking down-field to see if anyone is open. If there is nothing there, I'll take it and go, but I make sure I don't have a man open before I do that."

A lot of names come to mind when you think of this increasing demographic of football player. Adrian McPherson, D.J. Shockley, Vince Young and Bradley Van Pelt. Guys that can kill you just about any way possible, allowing offenses to become that much more versatile in how they approach the game.

It's how Daryll approaches the game, but again, it's with a pass-first mentality. In one game this season, Clark threw for single-digit completions, but tallied right around 250 yards through the air. And yes, he's scored with his feet as well. Not a person that even looks at his numbers though, Clark could recall no stats as he regarded only one stat as a number in which he finds interest. "Wins." Clark stated. "The number of checks in the win column is all that matters, because that's what we are playing for. The stats don't mean a thing if you don't win the game."

Daryll is right of course, but whatever he's managed to produce either numerically or simply from what coaches have been able to gather by watching film, it's been enough that his popularity continues to rise as the season goes along. Thus far, Clark has offers from Minnesota, West Virginia, Iowa, Nebraska, Cincinnati, Indiana, Toledo and most recently, Bowling Green and Penn State added themselves to the list.

When you look at those schools, you see a variety of offenses, anything from spread to the run-heavy option game. So, what does Daryll find will fit him best? "I'd say West Virginia, because they run something like I run here." he said. "But really, I would fit in just about any offense, because I can do a lot of things and I am more comfortable with a balanced offense. Not too much of the pass or the run."

You could illustrate his openness to all types of offenses not just by the offers he's gotten, but by the officials he's scheduled. "I've got Nebraska the first week of December." he said. "Then, it's West Virginia, then Iowa and Toledo at the beginning of January. I haven't scheduled the fifth visit yet and don't know who it might be, maybe Penn State."

Well, that does leave a little drama left, at least for the team that hasn't gotten on his list as the recipient of that final visit, but for most or at least, the aforementioned four, it's down to a waiting and watching-game. That's recruiting though and right now, Clark is more than willing to put it in the rearview mirror until his season is over. "I like the calls and all that." Clark said. "I just don't like it when they call me when I'm sleeping. I would really just like to concentrate on the season and stay focused for the last stretch of the year."

And we will let him do that, but have faith as we will keep track of Clark throughout the year and make sure that he's wide awake whenever we decide to call.

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